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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 22 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 22 Start

After Charlie went out, he realized that Claire hadn’t gone far, just squatting in an unmanned corner next to the hotel, crying aggrievedly.

He slowly approached, took off his coat, put on Claire, and said: “My wife, don’t be sad, the director of the Willson family is not a treasure, no matter it’s inappropriate for your family to treat you like that.”

“You don’t understand, if I become the director, my parents will be able to raise their eyes in the Willson family, how can grandma turn back,” Claire whimpered.

Charlie continued to persuade: “Maybe they will have to come and beg you to be the director. You are crying like this now, and you won’t look pretty after a while on stage.”

Claire choked and said, “How is it possible? Grandma has said everything, and there will be no chance of turning back. Leave me, let me be alone.”

At this moment, Mrs. Willson and Harold also ran out of the banquet hall.

The Lady Willson was too old and out of breath when she ran. A large group of people behind her came out to watch the scene in excitement.

After Harold came out, he saw Charlie and Claire.

He ran forward quickly, looked down at Claire with dim eyes, and blurted out: “Claire, hurry up and chase Miss Doris, let her not terminate cooperation with us!”

Claire looked blank: “Terminate cooperation? Why?”

Harold said angrily: “You are here pretending to be innocent. You must have instructed Miss Doris to embarrass me publicly. If you don’t settle this matter for me, I can’t spare you!”


The Old Mrs. Willson who was on the side slapped Harold angrily again and said “You [email protected], how can you talk to your sister like that! She is the director of our Willson Group!”

Harold was anxious: “Didn’t grandma chose me as the director?”

The Old Mrs. Willson said angrily: “If you hadn’t given me Ecstasy, how could I change my mind temporarily? If you continue to be reluctant, get out of the Willson family!”

After being smoked twice by the Lady Willson, Harold was extremely angry, but he dared not speak, so he could only swallow his anger temporarily.

The Old Mrs. Willson said to Claire again at this time: “Claire, grandma begs you, you are now the director of the Willson family, hurry up and explain to Miss Doris, otherwise, our Willson family will be in ruins!”

Claire looked at Charlie blankly with doubts.

Charlie shrugged and said, “I told you, they have to come and beg you to be the director in a while, you didn’t believe me, look, your face is all messed up.”

Claire blushed, wiped her tears, and said, “Then I will try to contact Emgrand.”

After speaking, she dialed Doris Young’s phone.

Everyone’s eyes focused on her.

After a while, the phone was connected, and Claire said: “Hello, Miss Doris, grandma asked me to explain to you, I will be promoted to the director of the Willson family, responsible for the cooperation with Emgrand, can you give us another chance? “

Doris Young chuckled and said, “If you are the director and can take the charge then there is no problem. The cooperation can continue, but if it is someone else, everything stays at the current status.”

“Miss Doris thank you so much!”

Claire was always puzzled about this matter in her heart. From beginning to end, the Emgrand Group seemed to be here entirely to help her, which was too abnormal.

Doris Young said with a smile: “This is what our chairman meant. If there is a chance in the future, the chairman will explain it to you personally.”

Claire was even more puzzled. Who was the chairman of the other party, and she had never seen him. Why did the other party help him everywhere?

“Then, can you please return to the banquet hall again?” Claire asked nervously.

The other party had left with anger, obviously irritated by the Willson family. At this time, asking the other party to come back is a bit difficult.

But she didn’t expect that Doris Young agreed resolutely.

Soon everyone saw that Doris Young’s car had returned to the door of the hotel.

At this moment, everyone looked at Claire’s gaze, all filled with horror and awe.