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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2192 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2192 Start

Everyone hurriedly said: “We understand!”

After that, he escorted these three people out.

Tianming and Honor have been crying and begging for mercy. Tianming turned to look at Mr. Song and cried out: “Dad… please, for the sake of our father and son, help me. I beg you Mr. Wade, please spare me! Otherwise I might die in Sierra Leone, Dad! please do something”

Old Song felt a pain in his heart.

Charlie said, let them stay in Sierra Leone for 20 years. Tianming has crossed the age of 50 this year. When he goes to the extremely underdeveloped and poor area of ​​Sierra Leone, he might not be able to survive for 20 years.

It is very likely that he would die in Sierra Leone before the 20-year deadline.

So now this may be the last time the father and son look at each other in their lives.

Honor Song’s legs were limp at this time, and he was dragged out by others. He pleaded bitterly: “Grandpa…I am only in my twenties. I don’t want the best time of my life to be imprisoned in Sierra Leone, please Please help me…Grandpa!”

Father Song’s expression was struggling and tangled, Charlie sternly shouted at this time: “Shut all their mouths up for me!”

Several people in black immediately gagged their mouths with something to make them speechless, and the scene immediately became much quieter.

Then, all three were dragged out.

Seeing this, Mr. Song sighed deeply, knowing that there was no possibility of maneuvering, as if he was more than ten years old at once.

Charlie had a panoramic view of his performance, shook his head lightly, and said loudly: “Master Song, you understand the process of raising tigers better than I do. You must not only consider yourself, but also Warnia. If these two troubling people are not eliminated, someday in the future after you leave, the two of them will become greatest threat to Warnia’s!

After that, Charlie smiled slightly and continued: “As long as I, Charlie, will not let the two of them really threaten Warnia. That is to say, if the two of them remain at large, they will attack Warnia again in the future. At the time, I would not let them go. So, speaking of it, imprisoning them in Sierra Leone is not to protect Warnia, but to keep them alive, otherwise they will be reduced to ashes if they fly into the fire! “

Mr. Song was completely taken aback, and immediately looked at Warnia, and hurriedly said to Charlie, “Mr. Wade, you are right! Let them live and die in Sierra Leone!”

After all, Mr. Song looked at Warnia again and said: “Warnia, since you have returned now, the position of chairman of the Song Group is naturally yours. From now on, you will continue to preside over the affairs of the Song Group.”

Warnia nodded respectfully: “Okay Grandpa, Warnia got it.”

Grandpa Song instructed: “Warnia, grandpa does not ask you to take the Song family group into a fierce fight, as long as you can stabilize the status quo and prevent the Song family group from going downhill, grandpa will be very satisfied, so you if you don’t want to, I’m going to talk about retracting transnational cooperation. I would rather Song Group not open up any overseas markets or cooperate with any overseas companies, and I don’t want you to fall into a dangerous situation again, understand?”

Warnia nodded lightly and said, “Don’t worry, grandpa, I will definitely pay more attention to personal safety in the future. In addition, I think we can continue to cooperate with overseas companies. Avoidance is not the best option here.”

After speaking, she paused slightly and said: “This time, Mr. Wade helped me talk about the cooperation with Nippon Steel. The chairman of Nippon Steel, Watanabe Shinkazu, has signed a cooperation agreement with me in Japan. Under the agreement, the two parties will establish a joint venture to build a factory and invest in a 50-50 ratio, but Nippon Steel is willing to give 60% of the shares to our Song Group.”

“What?!” As soon as these words came out, everyone on the scene was dumbfounded and speechless.

Nippon Steel has always been very strong in foreign cooperation. They are even reluctant to give up 51% of the controlling stake. Even if the Song Group gives 60% of the income to Nippon Steel, Nippon Steel would still be unwilling. Give up controlling rights is not how they operate.

Therefore, in the eyes of everyone on the scene, Nippon Steel is the most difficult bone to chew.

However, Warnia said that Nippon Steel is now not only willing to give up the controlling rights, but also willing to give up 10% of the shares to the Song Group. This is simply a dream!