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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2180 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2180 Start

Now that Tianming himself has admitted personally, this matter has been confirmed and can be directly released as news.

However, at this moment, Charlie suddenly spoke and asked indifferently: “Mr. Song, Ms. Warnia is just missing now, and the news of her murder has not been confirmed. I would like to ask you, if Miss Warnia returns safely one day, Will you return the chairman’s seat to her?”

Tianming originally thought that today is a very, very simple transition of power.

Moreover, he also felt that he had already conquered the entire board of directors, so the rest was just an announcement. In this case, no one could cause trouble.

But he never dreamed that Charlie would suddenly attack himself at this moment.

Although he was very angry in his heart, he still said very politely and politely: “You can rest assured that when our board of directors met today for discussion, we have established a basic principle, although I have now voted by the board of directors to formally take over as director of the Song Group Long term, but I also have to admit that Ms. Song is actually a far more suitable chairman candidate than me…”

Speaking of this, Tianming continued to say loudly: “So, I also solemnly announce to everyone here: Once Miss Warnia returns safely, I will return the position of chairman to her as soon as possible! After all, she is the most Suitable candidate to be the chairman of the Song Group!”

Everyone applauded at this moment, feeling that Tianming’s ability to have these words is enough to prove that this person’s vision, character and heart are very outstanding.

When Tianming triumphantly accepted the applause of the crowd, Charlie said: “Since Mr. Song said so, then directly return the position of chairman to Ms. Warnia.”

Seeing Charlie’s aggressive appearance, Tianming was very annoyed and cursed secretly: “Damn, did Charlie take some gunpowder today? Why the fcuk can’t get through with me? Let me return the position to Warnia now. I can change, but what about Warnia and others? Isn’t you Charlie very capable? Are you not known as the real dragon on earth? If you really have this ability, why didn’t you bring Warnia back alive?”

When Tianming thought of this, his heart was full of irritation, but he still said very seriously: “I have said just now, my personal conscious ability is no match for Miss Warnia, so I very much hope to be able to work under Miss Warnia. If Ms. Warnia was able to return to China safely. Tianming voluntarily abdicated to be a virtuous person and returned to the position of vice chairman of the Song Group.”

Charlie smiled indifferently: “Well, since you have said so yourself, in front of so many people, don’t break your promise.”

Tianming said coldly with a bit of uncontrollable displeasure: “Don’t worry, I, Tianming, speak my words and never break my words!”

As soon as the voice fell, the door of the conference venue was pushed open vigorously by several men in black.

Seeing more than a dozen uniformly dressed men in black split into two teams on the left and right and lined up to enter the venue, everyone was a little dumbfounded.

Tianming sternly reprimanded: “Who are you? What are you doing here? I tell you, this is the internal venue of our Song Group. You are legally responsible for breaking in like this! What about the security? Come here. Drive them all out!”

At this moment, a beautiful woman wearing a small black suit and black high-heeled shoes stepped in.

As soon as this woman entered the door, everyone at the scene was struck by lightning and stood there!

I saw the woman walked into the meeting place smartly, her eyes fixed on Tianming, and she asked loudly, “They are all my people, who is qualified to drive them away??!”

Tianming felt that the sky had fallen for a moment.

Because this woman who is talking is his niece, Warnia!