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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 218 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 218 Start

“Juan Thompson, what you said, Stephen and us are the best classmates. If something happens, he will definitely give us a hand.

A man with a Chinese character face also picked up a wine glass and drank it in one go.

Charlie glanced over them faintly, vaguely remembering that the two of them were his college classmates, the female was Juan Thompson, and the male was Jianhua Liu.

Stephen said embarrassedly: “What it is, It is really a long story, not worth mentioning!”

After finishing speaking, he looked at Charlie and sighed with emotion.

When he met a s*umbag, he had almost been deceived for nothing, and was even beaten up.

However, it is precisely because of Charlie’s help that he could retake the hotel and receive two million in compensation.

It can be said that this was all given by Charlie, so how embarrassed to take it out.

So, he turned the topic off and said: “Jianhua is doing well now. I heard that you have become an executive of a company, and you have an annual salary of 700,000 to 800,000.”

Jianhua sighed and said, “Don’t mention it, that company is too bad. I’m about to resign and go to Xinhe Company to try. I heard that our university classmate Qiang Han was a senior manager there. Now it’s pretty good! Unexpectedly, this kid could have this ability!”

“Oh, he” Stephen smiled awkwardly. His relationship with Qiang Han was not good, so Qiang Han was not invited to this party.

However, Jianhua and Qiang Han are very close. If they go to Xinhe Company and have Qiang Han’s support, they must be able to mix in a good position.

Elsa also said thoughtfully: “I heard that Xinhe Company in Aurous Hill is also a good large company, and it is quite strong. I can’t expect Qiang Han to mix so well now.”

Claire suddenly froze when she heard Xinhe Company.

After breaking with the Willson family, she was expelled from the Willson Group. In order to find a job, she has put in a lot of resumes these days, one of which is Xinhe Company.

Thinking of this, Claire smiled and said, “It just so happens that I have to apply for a job at Xinhe Group. If it passes, we will work in a company in the future.”

Juan on the side asked in astonishment: “In the beginning, you have been in the Willson Group well, why should you go to Xinhe Company to submit your resume?”

Claire said helplessly: “I have drawn a clear line from the Willson family now, so I have to go out and find a new job, otherwise I can’t support my family.”

When Juan heard this, she looked at Charlie’s eyes full of contempt: “Charlie, look at how hard it was in the beginning. As a man, you actually let your woman fall to this point, you are too Useless.”

The relationship between Jianhua and Charlie is not good, so she laughed unscrupulously: “Charlie, or go to Qiang Han’s company to apply, although with your ability, you can only be a cleaner. , But for the face of old classmates, it’s okay to let you be a cleaning superviser.”

Charlie said lightly: “You should keep this good thing for yourself, I’m not interested.”

Seeing him so unappreciative, Jianhua said uncomfortably: “Charlie, I know you have a strong self-esteem, but you see now, everyone is better than you, I advise you to recognize the reality.”

Stephen frowned and said, “Okay, today is the day of our classmate’s reunion. Don’t run against Charlie like this.”

After that, Stephen said apologetically to Charlie: “Charlie, you must not take to your heart, Juan and Jianhua are so straightforward.”

Juan snorted coldly and said, “Stephen, who made Charlie this Rubbish always look calm and unreliable. He has no ability, and he is quite good at pretending to be compelling.”

Jianhua added disdainfully: “He is just a poor d*ck”