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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2173 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2173 Start

Tianming’s unselfish attitude has made all shareholders more or less awed.

The stock market is changing rapidly, and anyone who can grasp inside information can make a lot of money.

Therefore, the most difficult thing to eliminate is insider trading.

For example, if a listed company wants to cooperate deeply with another larger multinational company, once the news is announced, the stock price of the listed company will undoubtedly rise sharply.

For ordinary people, they do not know the insider of the company, so they cannot seize the opportunity of insider trading.

However, for the executives of this listed company, they must have known this inside story during the in-depth cooperation negotiations.

If at this time, they deliberately buy a large amount of their own company stock while the stock price has not risen, and then sell it at a high level after the news is announced and the stock price rises, they can earn a lot of cash.

Although this method seems to be very easy to make money, it has clearly violated the regulations of the China Securities Regulatory Commission and belongs to the standard insider trading offense. To bear legal responsibility, there may be sentencing.

However, many people still choose to take risks in the face of huge interests.

Whether a listed group can stifle this unhealthy trend inside is also the key to whether the group can go further.

As soon as Tianming came up, he made it clear that everyone should not engage in any insider trading, that is, he put forward a very clear attitude to everyone, and never allowed anyone to illegally operate in the Song Group and let everyone make money in a regular manner.

Being able to say these words also increased his majesty in front of everyone to a certain extent.

At the same time, the news room of the Song Group was full of invited media.

Everyone is very concerned about the recent situation of the Song Group, especially after learning that Warnia, the chairman of the Song Group, has disappeared in Japan, everyone is very concerned about the progress of the search and rescue of her and the next response plan of the Song Group.

The media’s sense of smell is very sensitive, so they have long guessed that the Song Group invited them to the press conference today. There is a high probability that the new chairman will be announced at the press conference.

After all, no company can stay without a leader for a long time, especially a listed company like the Song Group.

Although the press conference has not yet started, people in the media have begun to speculate.

At this time, a reporter from a local TV station was whispering in private with a reporter from the provincial TV station. She said to her peers: “The Song family’s old man is said to have suffered from Alzheimer’s because of the stimulation. I am afraid that the eldest son Tianming is the only one who can really come up to grab the position, so I speculate that this time the Song Group appoints the new chairman of the board, it is likely to be him.”

The person next to him said, “Is it possible that Honor, the eldest grandson of Mr. Song? After all, Mr. Song is young. Mr. Song has already passed his seat to the younger generation of Warnia. The group will still choose a young man to succeed…”

The local reporter opened his mouth and said: “If this is the case, the new chairman announced today may also be Honor, the son of Tianming.”

At this time, a staff member of the Song Group stepped to the press conference stage and said into the microphone: “Dear friends from the media, please wait a moment. Our board of directors has reached a consensus and made a major decision. Later, the members of the board of directors will jointly attend the press conference and announce the specific content of this decision.”

When the media reporters on the scene heard this sentence, they all cheered up and looked forward to the appearance of the board members.