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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2166 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2166 Start

Simply turning the left and right hands on the right hand can achieve both sides and greatly reduce the cost of the whole thing. For the Su family, it has the best of both worlds.

However, no one thought that everything carefully planned would suddenly change.

Even the old man Su himself is looking forward to the news of Ruoli successfully captured by the Self-Defense Forces in Eastcliff.

While he was waiting anxiously, a senior member of the Self-Defense Force directly called.

As soon as the phone connected, Old Su cheerfully asked, “Matsushima-san, have you caught Ruoli?”

“Caught a sh!t!” the other party scolded on the phone: “Why is there no one in the boat you arranged?! Where is Ruoli now?!”

Elder Su asked in amazement: “What did you say? No one in the boat?!”

The other party said angrily: “Yes, there is no one in the boat!”

“This…” Su suddenly became a little nervous and said: “My subordinates told me not long ago that everything is under control. How could they suddenly disappear?”

“Why are you asking me?!” The other party said furiously: “We have been waiting at the predetermined location, and we have waited until now to finally wait for the target ship, but there is not even a ghost shadow on board!

As he said, the other party threatened viciously: “I tell you Su, if you don’t hand over Ruoli as soon as possible, then don’t blame us for being rude to you!”

Chengfeng said nervously: “There must be something hidden in this matter, Mr. Matsushima, I implore you to send the Maritime Self-Defense Force to search immediately!”

The other party said coldly: “We simply do not have enough human and material resources to carry out such a large-scale search. If you can get Ruoli back, then everything is fine, but if you can’t get her back, then the Japanese government will place the blame for Ruoli’s on your Su family!”

Chengfeng was in a hurry and blurted out: “Mr. Matsushima, please don’t worry about this matter. We will definitely go all out to search for her whereabouts and do everything possible to send her back!”

The other party gritted his teeth and said: “Chengfeng, remember that you only have a few hours. If you can’t catch Ruoli after dawn, you will be at your own risk!”

Chengfeng hurriedly agreed and blurted out: “Mr. Matsushima, don’t worry, we will definitely search for her! I’ll give you a satisfactory answer as soon as possible!”

The other party said coldly: “There is not much time left for you!”

After hanging up the phone, Chengfeng’s expression suddenly became extremely angry!

He immediately found his confidant and blurted out, “What is going on with Ruoli?!”

The other party said with a blank face: “Master, I don’t know this matter. At present, we can’t contact anyone involved in this matter. I feel very strange…The situation does not seem to be optimistic….”

Chengfeng gritted his teeth and ordered:

“Immediately contact all those involved in the operation tonight. In any case, you must find Ruoli’s whereabouts as soon as possible!

Otherwise, if Ruoli really disappears, the Japanese government will definitely think all this is Our Su family’s planning behind the scenes, and we will completely lose the entire Japanese market!”

The Su family not only needs to cooperate with Japanese companies in the ocean shipping industry, but other industries have also entered the Japanese market more or less.

If this matter is handled improperly and offends the Japanese government, all Su family’s industries in Japan will be severely affected.

By that time, the Su family’s losses will be very heavy and beyond repair!