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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 216 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 216 Start

Charlie smiled and said, “Remember your words, maybe I will have something to do for you in the future!”

Orvel hurriedly nodded: “Mr. Charlie, if you have anything, just order!”

At this time, Mr. Lai had been lying on the floor crying and begging for mercy: “Big Brother, please I am a bullsh*t! I will never dare anymore!”

Orvel sneered: “You liar, my people will come right away, and they will arrange it for you!”

Charlie asked in a low voice, “What are you going to do with him?”

Orvel said coldly: “I said how to chop up and feed the dog, how can I say nothing? I have a little brother who opened a dog-fighting kennel, let alone him, ten sc*m he can also eat with those dogs.

Charlie glanced at him without any sympathy.

This kind of deceitful liar is no different from a quack doctor. If a quack doctor is not cured, he will kill people. If you mess with this kind of fake Feng Shui, you may also die.

To put it bluntly, they are all rascal b@stards, and they are indeed dead.

Moreover, today, in order to defraud Warnia’s money, he completely completed the trapped dragon formation. Warnia could have run out of life soon.

People like her control hundreds of billions of assets. If her fortune and fate are all exhausted, I don’t know how many people below will be implicated. In that case, Warnia will not be the only one killed!

Therefore, there is really no need for such a sc*m to stay in the world.

At this time, Orvel’s younger brother came over, set up the deceitful Mr. Lai and took away.

When Mr. Lai left, the ghost cried and howled, crying how miserable, innocent, and regretful he was, but no one sympathized with him.

Charlie shook his head as he watched, and said that he had a bloody disaster today, he didn’t believe him, he really deserved it.

After solving all the problems, Orvel thanked Charlie a lot, and only then sent him home.

After returning home, Claire was still looking for work online.

Charlie didn’t say much. In fact, Charlie himself wanted to support Claire in starting a company, but it seemed that Claire didn’t have this idea, so he didn’t say much.

He also didn’t want Claire to be too tired. If she were to start a company and start a business, sshe would have a lot of work in the early stage. With Claire’s personal character, she would suffer a lot.

In the evening, Charlie received a call from his good brother Stephen in college.

Since the last time helped him teach a lesson to the adulterer and his ex in the hospital, Charlie has never seen him again. The main reason is that there are too many things in the family that he really can’t take care of.

Stephen told Charlie on the phone that he had almost recovered and was discharged today.

Since Charlie helped him get back to the hotel and paid millions in compensation, the first thing he did when he was discharged from the hospital was to invite a few better classmates to dinner.

Seeing that his good brother was about to be discharged from the hospital, Charlie naturally readily agreed.

At this time, Claire walked out of the bathroom after taking a shower, and casually asked Charlie: “It’s so late, who is calling you?”

Charlie said indifferently: “Stephen is discharged from the hospital. We are going to have a dinner. Let’s go together tomorrow.”

Claire nodded and said, “Okay.”