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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 215 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 215 Start

Gongzi Li’s attitude suddenly changed drastically, and Warnia was shocked, and her chin almost fell to the ground!

Although she was a little angry at what Gongzi Li had done before, she was about to shout out excitedly now.

But she restrained it and said, “In this case, let’s make an appointment at a time and place for the signing ceremony.”

Gongzi Li said immediately: “The sooner the signing is, the better, so let me fly to Aurous Hill tomorrow to meet you in person!”

Warnia hung up the phone, almost admiring Charlie

From the two phone calls made by Gongzi Li just now, she can just see the power of Charlie.

The liar, Mr. Lai, destroyed the only student of the Dragon Array. Gongzi Li immediately called and refused to cooperate. He also said that it was his father’s Feng Shui master who saw that her luck was not good, and as soon as Charlie broke the formation, the opponent immediately Called and said that her wealth was soaring, this was the best proof of Charlie’s strength.

When Warnia was amazed, she received another call from a stranger, and the other party asked, “Is it Miss Song?”

“It’s me, who are you?”

The other party said: “Miss Song, I am the manager of the Hermès store. You tried clothes and accessories in our store last week. Do you remember?”

Warnia said: “Well, remember, what’s the matter?”

The other party said: “That’s right, we just found a string of diamond jewelry in the corner of the fitting room with your name engraved on it. I think you should have left it in the store, so I called to confirm it!”

Warnia suddenly trembled with excitement, and asked: “Where is the bracelet now? Is it with you?”

“Yes, in our shop.”

“Then I will fetch it!”

After hanging up the phone, Warnia could not control her tears. She looked at Charlie and choked with gratitude: “Mr. Charlie, the bracelet my mother left for me has been found. Thank you so much.”

Charlie smiled and said, “Just find it. If Miss Song is in a hurry, please go and get it!”

Warnia nodded, hurriedly wrote a check for 20 million, handed it to Charlie, and said, “Mr. Charlie, this is a little heart, please accept it!”

Charlie smiled slightly and waved his hand.

20 million?

I really don’t lack twenty million

I don’t know how to spend nearly tens of billions of cash there. What do you want me to do with 20 million?

So, he said lightly: “Miss Song, you and I are also friends. There is no need to talk about money for this matter.”

Warnia still insisted at this time: “Mr. Charlie, the twenty million is a part of my heart, so I hope you can accept it! Otherwise, I will really feel sorry!”

Charlie said indifferently: “Miss Song, there may be intersections in the future, so why bother to calculate the accounts so clearly.”

When Warnia heard this, she suddenly realized that she hurriedly put away the check and said apologetically: “I’m sorry, Mr. Charlie, I am a little stupid. If something happens to Mr. Charlie in the future, Warnia dare not follow the instructions!”

Charlie gave a hum and said, “Okay, go get your bracelet back!”

Warnia nodded, she really couldn’t wait to get her bracelet back, so after thanking Charlie, she hurriedly asked Boyu to drive her out.

After the two of them left, Orvel was also extremely grateful to Charlie, holding his hand, and excitedly said: “Mr. Charlie, you are so interesting! If you have anything in the future, even if you go up to the sword mountain or down the fire. , I am also willing to put my heart on the ground for you!