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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 214 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 214 Start

“It’s amazing!” Not only Orvel was stunned, but Warnia and Boyu were also dumbfounded.

It’s amazing to be able to find out the water pipes hidden in the cement.

Charlie said again: “Break open the water pipe and let the water spill out. Once the water comes out of the formation, it will break down the formation. Once the formation collapses, the it will no longer exist!”

Warnia hurriedly said, “Mr. Orvel, you must smash this water pipe!”

Orvel nodded and smashed the floor several times before smashing the water pipe.

A large swath of water mist spewed out in a flash, and Charlie, Warnia and Boyu all hurriedly backed away to avoid it.

When the water gushed out, Charlie discovered that the Dragon Dragon Formation had also been completely abolished because of the fatal damage.

Afterwards, Charlie said to Boyu: “Turn off the water valve, the dragon formation has been broken.”

“This is broken?” Everyone looked incredulous.

Charlie said calmly: “It has been broken, and Miss Song’s fortune has been suppressed for so many days, and she should soon flourish.”

Just after speaking, Warnia’s phone rang.

“Mr. Song, the American side called and said that they made a mistake in the sample. It is not our problem. Our goods are all qualified.”


Warnia really took it! As soon as this breaks the formation, it immediately revolves

As soon as she hung up the call, she immediately said to Charlie with a look of gratitude: “Mr. Charlie, you are such a god! Thank you so much!”

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “Miss Song, you are welcome. I have also been entrusted by Mr. Orvel to come and help. All should be done.”

Hearing this, Orvel was so moved that he almost cried. He didn’t expect that Charlie could still remember to speak for him at this time. In this way, he would definitely be able to remember his work with Missy!

He has always wanted to hug the eldest lady’s thigh, but the eldest lady is more repulsive to people of his origin, so he has always been able to wander around the edge of the Song family’s industry. With this credit, he will Surely you will be able to enter the Song family’s direct line of troops!

Warnia looked at Mr. Orvel and said, “You took interest in this matter, and I will remember it.”

Orvel hurriedly said: “Miss, this is my business!”

Warnia nodded. In front of Orvel, she was still the tall lady, but in front of Charlie, she was very respectful.

At this time, Warnia’s cell phone rang again.

It’s Gongzi Li from Hong Kong Li Family!

“Young Mr. Li?”

Warnia was a little bit dissatisfied with the pigeons being released by Gongzi Li.

Gongzi Li said on the phone, “Miss Song, I’m so sorry! Just a little misunderstanding, my father’s Feng Shui master said, Miss Song, your fortune has changed suddenly, and now your wealth is soaring, and you are overwhelmed. I strongly recommend that we cooperate with your Song family. I sincerely hope that we can sign the contract as soon as possible. I want to fly to your city tomorrow. I wonder if I will be able to see you face to face?”