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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 211 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 211 Start

Warnia couldn’t understand why Mr. Lai just changed her fortune, and then there was such a big problem?

At the moment on the phone, he said: “There is no way, Miss, now the other party strongly demands triple compensation, we are very passive!”

Warnia hurriedly asked: “Could it be a mistake? Did you ask them to test it again!”

The other party said: “I have already told them, but they said that after monitoring twice, the goods still failed the test!”

Warnia blurted out: “Check the source immediately to see our export records. When was this batch of goods produced and who was responsible? Find out and tell me clearly!”

After that, she said again: “In the U.S., you can drag as long as you can, and then send a few people over to check it out!”

“OK, mam!”

After hanging up the phone, Warnia’s expression was cloudy. She looked at Mr. Lai and asked, “Mr. Lai I have encountered another particularly difficult thing. If it can’t be solved, the loss may exceed 500 million. Haven’t you reversed the fortune?!”

Mr. Lai dodged Warnia’s eyes, and said falteringly: “Stopping adversity also takes time, and it cannot be done overnight.”

Warnia replied: “Then it will improve slowly, and there shouldn’t be new bad luck suddenly!”

At this time, Warnia called again, and it turned out to be the eldest son of the Hong Kong Li family!

She hurriedly connected the phone, smiled and said, “Hello, Gongzi Li!”

“Miss Song.” The other party said in a cold voice: “We thought about it and felt that the Song family was not the best partner in our eyes, so we might unilaterally terminate the cooperation.”

“Termination of cooperation?!” Warnia suddenly became anxious and blurted out: “Mr. Li, you should be able to see that we are obviously superior in all aspects compared to others! The cooperation between the Li family and our Song family is the best and Good choice”

The other party chuckled and said: “To be honest, a master next to my father is measuring Feng Shui for my father. He said that the aura of the Song family does not seem to match that of the Li family. If we continue to cooperate with you, it may affect the fortune of the Li family, so , I’m sorry Miss Song.”

After speaking, he hung up phone.


Warnia originally wanted to take this opportunity to take the Song family to the next level, but she was completely disappointed when she did not expect it to be empty.

Mr. Lai was already a little panicked at this time. He originally wanted to lie to her and leave as soon as possible. He didn’t expect that after his own practice, Warnia suddenly became even more unlucky?

He felt that in this place shouldn’t stay here for long, so he hurriedly said: “Miss Song, the change of Feng Shui fortune requires a process, so you must calm down. I believe that by tomorrow, everything will disappear! I will leave now!”

After he finished speaking, he was about to walk outside.

Warnia blurted out: “Wait a minute! Mr. Lai, this situation is obviously problematic! Why did I have two such big troubles immediately after you finished the formation!? Give me an explanation for everything you say! “

Just after speaking, Warnia felt a sharp pain in her lower abdomen, which made her sigh, almost unable to stand firm.

She barely stood firm by holding on to the TV on the wall, and the colic made her sweat!

She wondered, what was wrong! When this has not yet come, how can it happen to her.

She hasn’t figured it out yet. There was another sharp pain in her lower abdomen. This pain made her legs soft and she could only hold the TV with her hands to keep standing.

At this time, the bracket of the TV on the wall suddenly clicked, and the metal bracket broke!