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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 210 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 210 Start

He hid the check in his body, and immediately took the Taishan chalcedony to the window sill, took down the pot of green plants, placed the stone on it, and kept chanting Taoist mantras.

Charlie looked at all this and sneered secretly.

This Mr. Lai not only doesn’t understand sh!t, but also unknowingly self-defeated and caused a catastrophe!

In fact, he had already seen the weirdness of this house through the Feng Shui mystery in the Nine Profound Heaven Scriptures.

He could clearly feel that in this room, a very terrifying formation of trapped dragons in the mystery of Feng Shui was basically formed.

The so-called trapped dragon formation, as the name implies, in this formation, even if it is a dragon, it will be trapped, let alone the fortune of ordinary people.

Therefore, no matter how strong the fortune is, those who live in the trapped dragon will inevitably lose their fortune and continue to have bad luck.

The eldest lady lives in such a room, her own fortune is all trapped, and once a person’s fortune is trapped, naturally one after another will be unlucky.

Fortunately, this trapped dragon formation has only begun to take shape and has not yet been perfected.

If it is really allowed to continue to improve, not only human fortune, but also human fate can be trapped in it.

Then it won’t be bad luck, it is very likely that you will lose your life!

Coincidentally, the only loophole left by this trapped dragon formation is that pot of green plants!

Green plants are wood, representing life and vitality!

With it, it is tantamount to opening the only remaining life for this Array.

There is a student who can barely fight against the gathering of the trapped dragons, keeping the last bit of luck for the young lady.

However, Mr. Lai accidentally picked this place and put his broken stone here.

You know, stone is hard! Represents unbreakably!

Once this stone replaces the green plants, the dragon formation is almost complete!

At this time, Mr. Lai finished chanting the mantra and took a deep breath, saying: “Miss Lai, someone Lai has finished the formation, you can rest assured!”

Warnia hurriedly asked: “Then my future fortune can be restored? Wouldn’t it be so bad?”

“Yes!” Mr. Lai nodded and said, “I rely on someone for his Feng Shui technique, which is famous in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau. Even Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-shing and Macau gambling king Stanley Ho are also the Feng Shui clients of mine. Miss, don’t worry! “

Warnia hurriedly asked: “Mr. Lai, I wonder if you can wish me to find the bracelet my mother left me? If possible, I would pay another 10 million!”

Mr. Lai scratched his head: “This eldest lady, I am good at Feng Shui mystery. Finding things is not my area of ​​expertise.”

Warnia nodded disappointedly: “It’s okay, you reversed the current bad luck, I am very grateful to you, Mr. Lai.”

As soon as she finished speaking, her cell phone rang. On the phone, a woman said hurriedly: “Mr. Song, it’s not good, something has happened!”

Warnia hurriedly asked, “What’s the matter?”

The other party said: “The shipment we exported to the United States was just unloaded in the United States. As a result, the other company said that our product was not up to standard and we had to return it in accordance with the contract and claim triple compensation!”

Warnia suddenly glared, and blurted out in a panic: “The five thousand tons of goods will be returned? This time, I have lost tens of millions of transportation fees and customs declaration fees, plus triple the compensation. Several hundred million!”