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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2097 Free Novel

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Honor felt at this moment that his outlook on life, values ​​and world outlook were completely subverted in an instant.

He didn’t expect Charlie to have a relationship with Miss Ito.

What’s more terrifying is that the eldest lady of the Ito family is wearing a kimono, kneeling across from Charlie, and pouring tea to him respectfully like a waiter.

This is simply incredible!

Honor wailed desperately in his heart: “What the hell is this? Do the Japanese also believe in the feng shui metaphysics? Otherwise, how did Charlie flick Nanako?”

Just when his mind was full of shock and surprise, Charlie saw him come in, as if he had seen a friend’s son, smiled and waved at him and said, “Oh, honor, come on, please sit down.”

Seeing Charlie’s calm face, Honor was even more puzzled, and wondered: “Charlie has such a good relationship with Warnia, why did Warnia have been missing for so long? Charlie came to Tokyo, but instead of looking for someone So calm, drinking tea in the Ito family mansion?”

Although Honor was puzzled in his heart, he bit his head and came to Charlie’s front and said respectfully: “Hello, Master!”

After speaking, he looked at Nanako and said politely: “Hello, Miss Ito. Please take care of me for the first time.

Nanako smiled slightly and said, “Mr. Song knows me?”

Honor nodded: “You are so well-known, how could I not know you.”

Nanako smiled generously and stretched out her hand to signal: “Mr. Song, please sit down, just have a taste of the Japanese tea ceremony and see if it suits your appetite.”

Honor hurriedly waved his hand and said, “Miss Ito is really too polite. This time, I came to listen to Master’s instructions, so I just want to stand here.”

Charlie faintly waved his hand: “It’s honor, I’ve known your grandfather, you don’t need to be so cautious in front of me, since Miss Ito let you sit, then you sit.”

The tone of Charlie’s words made Honor very disgusted.

He could hear the feeling of being elevated in Charlie’s mouth.

This made his heart very upset.

But at this moment, he didn’t dare to disobey Charlie halfway.

After all, Charlie is a guest of the Ito family, and this amount of gold is too great.

So he hurriedly said respectfully: “Since Master said so, it’s better to be respectful.”

After all, he just sat down beside Charlie.

After sitting cross-legged, Honor was in a state of anxiety, always wondering what kind of medicine Charlie sold in the gourd.

At this moment, Charlie asked, “Honor, what do you know about Warnia? Tell me.”

Honor felt a little bit in his heart, but on the surface, he tried to control it as natural as possible, and said, “Master is like this. Some time ago Warnia wanted to cooperate with Nippon Steel in Japan, so she brought people to Japan to start a follow-up. Nippon Steel was negotiating, but something happened suddenly last night. The commercial vehicle she was riding in crashed into a cliff in the mountains of Nishitama County. The other three people in the car died on the spot. Warnia is currently missing…. ..”

Charlie nodded, looked at him and asked, “What did the Tokyo Metropolitan Police say?”