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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2090 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2090 Start

“If it weren’t for him to get involved in the first place, it would be impossible for the old thing to go against it and let Warnia’s become the head of the Song family!”

“In that case, naturally I wouldn’t want to kill her!”

Thinking of this, Honor’s eyes were full of hatred, and he whispered to himself coldly: “Charlie, Warnia, you’d better not cause me trouble or engage with monsters, otherwise, I don’t care about you Master. , I must find a way to kill you!”

After that, Honor calmed down again, took out his phone, and called Charlie.

As soon as the phone was connected, Honor heard on the other end of the phone, Charlie said: “Hello, hello.”

He hurriedly said, “Master? I am Honor Song!”

Charlie said, “Oh, it’s Mr. Song.”

Honor hurriedly said: “Master, Grandpa called me and said that you have come to Tokyo for Warnia. He asked me to follow your instructions. I don’t know where you are now?”

Charlie said, “I am living at a friend’s house.”

Honor didn’t think much, and said, “Master, friend’s house may not be convenient and the conditions may not be really good. It’s better to stay in a hotel. I am staying at the Aman Hotel Tokyo. If you need, I’ll let someone get the best room for you.”

Charlie said lightly: “Don’t bother, it’s quite convenient for me to live in a friend’s house.”

With that said, Charlie deliberately used the tone of a leader to his subordinates, and ordered: “Mr. Song, I want to meet with you. You can report to me face to face about Warnia and the current investigation progress of this matter.”

Honor felt 10,000 upset in his heart, but still said very sincerely: “Okay, Master, you give me an address, I will rush over to meet you now!”

Charlie deliberately wanted to give Honor a disarm, so he said indifferently: “No, didn’t you stay at the Aman Hotel? You wait at the hotel for a while, and I will arrange for someone to pick you up and call you when they arrive.“

Honor also wanted to say something politely, saying: “Master, how can you be in the next, how troubling for you to send someone to pick me up? It’s better for me to come by myself…”

Charlie said coldly: “Don’t say much, just wait for the call.”

After that, Charlie directly hung up the phone.

Honor on the other end of the phone was already bursting his lungs.

He slammed the phone on the carpet and yelled: “fcuk! Who the hell do you call Mr. Song? I ask you to call, so you dare to call? Is Mr. Song your servant?”

After finishing speaking, he roared angrily: “[email protected]! Let me see you? Why are you so fcuking boastful? If you have a friend in Tokyo who can have a place to stay for a night, it’s not you who are awesome. What a fcuk!”

However, even though Honor has been scolded, he still sees it clearly in his heart.

“Even if I am dissatisfied with Charlie’s 10,000 times, I must honestly meet him and obey his instructions. At the very least, I have to pretend to be very cooperative on the surface…”

“Otherwise, if he notices something wrong with me, wouldn’t I be finished?”

“Charlie’s temper is notoriously bad. He and my sister have never been clear. If I let him know that I killed my sister, maybe he will kill me directly in Japan. Everything is cold…”

At this moment, the residence of the Ito family.

Warnia is still resting, Nanako has been with Charlie.

Charlie ended the call with Honor, and said to Nanako next to him, “I have to trouble you to do me a favor again.”

Nanako hurriedly said, “Master, please give orders!”

Charlie smiled slightly and said: “I’m going to trouble you to send a team to help me pick someone up here. The team should be as grand as possible, the more grand the better!”