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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2089 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2089 Start

Hearing that Charlie had come to Tokyo, Honor was shaking all over!

He didn’t expect him to be in Tokyo!

He knew that Warnia was easy to deal with, and the old man was easy to deal with, but taking on Master Charlie was by no means a good deal!

Therefore, as soon as he heard about this, his whole person suddenly panicked.

The old man Song on the other end of the phone asked him in surprise: “Honor, what’s wrong with you? What’s the fuss about?”

Honor only then came back to his senses, suppressing the tension deep in his heart, and said: “Grandpa, why did Master come? I can’t believe it, is it because of Warnia?”

Mr. Song hummed, and said, “Master is a person of loyalty, and Warnia has always had a good relationship with him. Now that something happened to her, he rushed to Tokyo as soon as possible, which shows how much he values ​​her. With the help of Master, the chances of finding Warnia are much higher!”

Honor is crazy with hatred!

He roared in his heart: “[email protected]! Charlie [email protected], what is he doing in Tokyo now!? He’s not at home to spend time with his wife, and what does he come to Tokyo for?! Tokyo can’t turn around without him, right!”

Honor is very clear about Charlie’s ability.

That’s why he worried.

On the one hand, he worried that he would be exposed in front of Charlie; on the other hand, he was also worried about whether Charlie could really find Warnia.

What if he really rescued Warnia?

At this moment, Old Man Song saw that he hadn’t responded for a long time, and he asked, “Honor? Are you still listening?”

Honor quickly said: “I’m listening, I’m listening!”

After finishing speaking, he quickly said: “Grandpa, that would be great if Master can come! I feel more at ease in my heart!”

Mr. Song said, “Yes! When I heard Master said that he had arrived in Tokyo, my heart really became more at ease. I believe that with Master, Warnia will surely be able to make good fortune.”

Honor can only agree: “Grandpa, you are right. I also think that with him, Warnia will be safe with him!”

Mr. Song seldom laughed twice and said, “Honor, if you hang up later, call him immediately, and then quickly go to meet him. From now on, you must listen to Master Wade for everything in Tokyo. Do you understand?”

Honor said without hesitation: “Grandpa, don’t worry, I must look forward to Master’s orders!”

Mr. Song said with satisfaction: “If you have this enlightenment, just call Master!”

Honor hurriedly said, “Okay Grandpa! Then I’ll hang up first!”


Honor hung up his grandfather’s phone, and his whole body suddenly became angry!

Unable to control his emotions, he slammed a punch on the glass coffee table and smashed the tempered glass coffee table to pieces!

At the same time, his right hand was also scratched by the glass, and several bloody holes appeared immediately.

Honor didn’t care about the pain at all, his mind was full of anger and tension at this time.

To Charlie, he already hated him, and he thought to himself: “This man! He’s too lenient for meddling!”

“I really thought that if someone called you Master, you would really control the air?!”

“The Song family’s affairs are his family affairs, why is he so nosy?!”