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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 208 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 208 Start

In the room, a lean middle-aged man in a blue shirt was holding a compass and was looking around, muttering words. Warnia stood with her back to the door and heard three people coming in. She turned around and asked: “Boyu, what’s up?”

Boyu hurriedly said: “Miss, Orvel brought Mr. Charlie over, saying that he wanted to help you take a look at Feng Shui.”

Warnia turned around and saw Charlie, suddenly surprised: “Charlie, why are you here?”

As soon as Charlie saw Warnia, he found that she was a lot more haggard than he had seen a few days ago, and according to the records in the Nine Profound Heavenly Scriptures, her hall was darkened and her fortune was out of luck. It seemed that something really went wrong.

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “Mr. Orvel said that you are in trouble, so he took me over to see you.”

At this time, the middle-aged man holding the compass spoke in Hong Kong accent, and said, “Miss Song, ordinary people shouldn’t interfere! Otherwise, it will affect the operation of the Feng Shui Array!”

Warnia knew that Charlie knew something about metaphysics, but Feng Shui fortune was somewhat different from metaphysics. She felt that Charlie’s metaphysics was suitable for fighting strong, but Feng Shui was a discipline related to a different realm. Metaphysics is not a number of ways, so in no way Charlie can be compared to Mr. Lai.

So, she said a little apologetically: “I’m sorry Charlie, Mr. Lai is helping me do this. Please sit downstairs for a while, and I will come over to entertain you later, sorry!”

Charlie said: “Miss Song, one more person has one more way. I do see that you have some problems. As a friend, I hope to help you solve the trouble, but you can let the Mr. Lai make a formation first. If he can solve it, then everyone is happy. If he can’t solve it, I will try.”

At this moment, the middle-aged man holding the compass gave a cold snort, and said: “I am a Lai buyi’s 22nd generation successor. How can I be hard to beat by such a trivial matter? I think you are young, Dare to call yourself a Feng Shui Master, I am afraid you are a liar!”

Charlie smiled slightly, seeing a black and red air lingering in the hall of Mr. Lai, with a bloody smell, he said lightly: “Mr. Lai, since you are a Feng Shui master, why didn’t you look at yourself today? Isn’t there a disaster of blood and light?”

Mr. Lai laughed and said, “Say I have a bloody disaster? Boy, you are crazy!”

Charlie shrugged his shoulders and said, “I’m telling the truth. The blackness of your Yintang remains, your eyes are white and swollen, and your pupils are red and open. This is a sign of your fortune. If you don’t pay attention to the remedy, I am afraid The disaster of blood and light cannot be stopped!”

Mr. Lai sneered: “Boy, I’m a descendant of the Lai family from Hong Kong, so don’t behave in front of me!”

Charlie curled his lips: “I’m a big talker? You master from Hong Kong, I don’t think you are the only one. To be honest, they are all pretty watery!”

Mr. Lai immediately cursed: “You bah! Talk about our Hong Kong master water? You’re a sh!t!”

Charlie smiled and said, “Have you heard of someone named Jinghai? Do you know his fate?”

“I don’t know anything about Jinghai!” Mr. Lai snorted coldly, looked at the Song family eldest, and said, “Miss, wait for me to do it right away, to help you reverse your fortune, and let this unobstructed kid have insights. My Hong Kong Lai family’s true Feng Shui mastery cannot be challenged!”

Warnia nodded slightly, glanced at Charlie, and said to Mr. Lai: “Mr., please do it as soon as possible!”

Mr. Lai immediately took out a few pieces of talisman paper, gestured to the void for a while, and shouted with words in his mouth: “All those who are facing the battle are arrayed in front of them, and they are as fast as the law!”

After that, he threw the pieces of talisman paper into the air, observing the direction and speed of the talisman paper scattered, then pointed to a pot of green plants in front of the window and said, “Miss, the problem is found! This window opens to the east. , It is the direction of the purple gas coming from the east, your fortune should flow in from the east, and this pot of green plants just blocked the eye and blocked your fortune!