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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2078 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2078 Start

Charlie said: “First go to Miss Ito’s mansion to take shelter for a while, and watch the changes!”


At this moment, Nanako is still waiting in place.

After all, her skill is much worse than Charlie, so it is impossible to keep up with his running rhythm, so she just waited in place.

Because people from the TMPD were searching in the surrounding mountains, and there were often police helicopters patrolling in the sky, she asked her helicopter to turn off the engine and quietly waited for Charlie’s news.

At this time, the ninja under her head sent her a message: “Miss, Mr. Wade has found the Miss Song.”

Nanako breathed a sigh of relief, tapping her fingertips on the screen repeatedly, and replied: “That’s good, you can ask Master what to do next.”

The other party made an embarrassing expression and said: “Miss…Mr. Wade and Miss Song are hugging and k!ssing, we are also embarrassed to step forward and disturb…”

When Nanako saw this, she was stunned.

Immediately, deep jealousy surged in her heart.

She thought sourly in her heart: “Originally, I thought that Master is a married man after all. Even if I love him, I can’t destroy his feelings and family…”

“But, I never thought that Master and Warnia would even hug and k!ss… Is Warnia Master’s extramarital relationship? Or to put it more bluntly, is Warnia Master’s lover?”

“If Warnia can be Master’s lover, then why can’t I…”

“I also love Master from the bottom of my heart. Why can’t I be his lover like Warnia?”

“Although I don’t want to be a third party, if Master is willing to give me this opportunity, I am also willing to hide in the dark for a lifetime and be his underground lover…”

“After all, I love him more than anything else. Her status, reputation is not worth mentioning in front of me”

Just as she was thinking about it, the phone suddenly vibrated, and it was Charlie’s call.

She hurriedly answered the phone, her voice was a little flustered and unnaturally said: “Uh… Wade… Master… You… saw Miss Song Are you here?”

Charlie said: “Yes, we met.”

Nanako asked hurriedly, “How is Miss Song?”

Charlie said, “She’s fine, Nanako, I’m calling you to discuss the next arrangements with you.”

Nanako hurriedly said: “Master, everything will follow your instructions, and the entire Ito family’s forces will be at your call!”

Charlie said seriously: “I am really grateful to Nanako. My current plan is to let the helicopter come over first, take Warnia to your residence, and let her live in your house temporarily, but you must keep this matter strictly confidential. It must not be leaked out.”

Nanako said without hesitation: “No problem, Master waits a moment, I will pick you up now!”