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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2077 Free Novel

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Warnia heard Charlie’s words, without thinking at all, she said categorically, “Master, I listen to you!”

Charlie nodded and said seriously: “In Japan, I still have something to do. I will take you to my friend’s house first. During this time, you should not contact anyone, including your grandfather and your other family members. Not talk about this until we find out what happened.”

Warnia asked in surprise: “Master, can’t I tell my grandfather? He must be very worried about me now. If my whereabouts remain unknown, I am afraid he will worry too much and affect his body…”

Charlie smiled slightly and comforted: “Don’t worry about this. Your grandfather has taken Rejuvenating Pill, so his body will never be in serious trouble, and don’t forget, I gave it to you on your birthday. The rejuvenating pill of yours is also in his hands. With this rejuvenating pill in his hand, he will definitely not have any problems.”

After speaking, Charlie further explained: “Most of the secrets are leaked from the person’s own mouth. The real secrets should be known to as few people as possible, and it’s best if no one except yourself Knows, otherwise, once this secret is known by others, it will be difficult to ensure that it will not be known by more people.”

Although Warnia’s expression was a little struggling, she quickly raised her head and looked at Charlie and said seriously: “Okay Master, then I won’t tell anyone.”

Charlie nodded and asked her, “You didn’t contact your grandpa and other family members just now, did you?”

“No…” Warnia hurriedly said, “As soon as my mobile phone got a signal, I immediately contacted you. I originally wanted to contact you and then contact grandfather, but I didn’t think about it.“

Charlie hurriedly said: “Then quickly turn off the phone, not only do not answer any calls, nor use WeChat and other communication software.”

Warnia said obediently: “OKay Master, I will shut down now.”

With that, she immediately pressed the power button and turned off her mobile phone with a broken screen.

Immediately, she remembered something, looked at Charlie with a puzzled face and asked, “Master, how did you find me in this deep mountain and old forest?”

Charlie said truthfully: “The eldest lady of the Ito family in Japan is my friend. After your accident, I asked her to help me find your whereabouts. She sent some Japanese masters of ninjutsu, also known as ninjas, to look for clues about you in the mountains.”

“They found the commercial vehicle in which you had an accident, and followed your footsteps all the way, chasing you over. After I got your location, I hurried over.”

Warnia exclaimed: “Ah?! Ninjas?! Master, you mean, there really are ninjas in this world?”

Charlie nodded and said: “Ninjas are actually no big deal. He is like our Chinese martial arts masters, they are all real.”

Warnia nodded suddenly, and then remembered something, exclaiming: “They have been following me secretly, doesn’t it mean that they are also watching us secretly now?”


Charlie smiled awkwardly, and said, “You are right, they have been following us secretly.”

Warnia was immediately embarrassed and intolerable: “That…that…then what we did just now, did they…have they seen it all?”

Charlie shrugged helplessly, “They must have seen…”

Warnia was embarrassed, she lowered her head shyly and said, “Master…you…why didn’t you remind me…this is too shameful… ..”

Charlie stretched out his hand and said with an innocent look: “Warnia… You can’t blame me for this, I didn’t know you would suddenly jump over…I was completely blank at the time. …..”

Warnia heard him say this, recalling the scene when she took the initiative to plunge into Charlie’s arms and k!ssed his lips, her face became more and more rosy, she had to say in a lowly embarrassed voice: “Oh… Don’t talk about this…Master, where are we going now?”