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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2075 Free Novel

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The reason why Charlie told Warnia step by step was because he was afraid that he would suddenly call her out, or tell her that he was behind her and scare her.

After all, she has been walking alone in this deep mountain and old forest for so long. If he suddenly appears without any psychological preparation, she will definitely be shocked.

Therefore, Charlie chose to guide her step by step, let her know that he was in Japan, Tokyo, and Nishitama, and then told her that he was behind her.

When Warnia heard Charlie’s words, she immediately turned back subconsciously!


She found that a familiar figure was standing about ten meters away behind her!

That familiar figure is exactly Charlie, the man about whom she was thinking at a critical moment!

Warnia’s heart was almost ecstatic!

She didn’t even dare to dream that Charlie would really appear here suddenly!

At this moment, Warnia’s heart was completely filled with touch and happiness!

She choked in her heart: “Master actually came to rescue me…at such a late time, at such a distance, he appeared in front of me within a few hours! This is simply a movie! Here is the supreme treasure with colorful auspicious clouds! He came, my position in his heart must be very important…”

Thinking of this, her whole emotions were completely immersed in extreme touch, and she cried out: “Master!”

After speaking, she ran towards Charlie!

Charlie was afraid that she would fall down on the mountain road, so he hurriedly walked two steps.

As soon as she arrived, Warnia plunged into Charlie’s arms, crying, and said, “Master…I’m not dreaming, am I really you? You really came to save me. …..”

Charlie patted her back lightly and comforted her: “You are not a dream, it’s really me, I’m here to save you!”

Warnia cried with rain, and whimpered: “Master, I thought I would never see you again in this life…”

Charlie asked her, “Did you take the pill that I gave you?”

Warnia nodded as if pounding garlic, hugged Charlie, and said on his shoulder: “I have always listened to you and carried the medicine next to my body. After the car I was sitting in fell off the cliff, I immediately took the medicine. I took it. Fortunately, I had the medicine. Otherwise, Master might not see me…”

Charlie sighed softly and said, “The medicine was given to you to use for emergencies, but I have never hoped that you would really use it. I didn’t expect it to be like this today!”

Warnia choked with grateful gratitude: “Master, the greatest fortune in my life is to know you… If it weren’t for you, I might have already passed away… All your great kindness. I can’t repay in my life…”

Warnia has always been very grateful to Charlie.

In the beginning, her room was accidentally hit by mistake, and she accidentally formed a feng shui bureau of trapped dragons. The whole person’s fortune was consumed rapidly, and her life was even endangered.

If it hadn’t been for Charlie to resolve it in time, she might have already died by accident.

Not to mention, Charlie helped her take the position of Song Family Patriarch step by step.

Today, she is facing such a big death crisis in Japan, and she is completely dependent on the medicine he gave her to be able to turn the danger into a breeze.

Now, Charlie has traveled thousands of miles at night to rescue her in the mountains of Japan. His kindness has already made Warnia grateful.

What’s more, she loves Charlie deeply in her heart, so at this moment, she regards Charlie as a beloved person more important than her own life.