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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2067 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2067 Start

When Charlie left home, Claire was still soaking in the hot springs.

She didn’t know that her husband left from the hot spring in a bathrobe and said to get a drink. He had already taken a helicopter to the airport and then flew to Japan.

She waited and couldn’t wait for Charlie anymore. After coming out of the hot spring, she didn’t see his shadow in the living room, and she couldn’t help but wonder.

She picked up the phone and called Charlie, but it turned out that the phone was turned off.

This made her even more puzzled. When she returned to the bedroom, she didn’t find Charlie’s shadow, only a note that he left for her on the bedside table.

There was a line written on the note: “My wife, a friend is in danger, I will rush to save.”

After Claire finished reading it, she was shocked: “Save people?! Could it be that something terrible has happened?!”

Thinking of this, she hurriedly sent a voice to Charlie: “Husband, where did you go? What happened? Anyway, you must pay attention to safety!”


Tokyo, Japan.

The ninja of the Ito family took a helicopter and rushed to the mountainous area of ​​Nishitama County in the shortest time.

Afterwards, the helicopter landed a few kilometers away from the foot of the mountain, and ten ninjas dressed in black filed out and rushed towards the mountain.

The reason why the helicopter was not allowed to fly directly in was because Nanako was afraid of throwing grass.

She is similar to Charlie’s opinion. Warnia is likely to be murdered. So if you let them go in a helicopter to search with great fanfare, if Warnia is not dead, her people will disturb the other party again, which will cause more trouble.

However, the mountains in Nishitama County stretch for hundreds of kilometers, and the winding road alone is tens of kilometers long, so they can only hide in the dark and walk along the winding road to search for clues.

Fortunately, there were more ninjas dispatched by the Ito family this time, and ten ninjas came out, starting from the entrance to the mountain to inspect all the clues.

While they were searching, Nanako also took a helicopter from home to Narita Airport.

Two o’clock in the morning Tokyo time.

Since Honor went to the TMPD to report to the police, a large number of police officers have been ordered to set off to search for Warnia’s whereabouts.

To the director of the TMPD, the news of Warnia’s disappearance in Tokyo was like a nightmare.

A few days ago, an unprecedented war broke out in the city. Various assassinations emerged one after another. Many wealthy and powerful people died in a series of violent incidents, and even shocked the whole world.

Not only has the world laughed at Tokyo’s public security issues, but it has also made the TMPD lose face in front of the world.

Finally, it was restored as before, and public order was approaching peace, but who would have thought that another well-known foreign entrepreneur lost contact in Tokyo!

The Song Group has a total market value of nearly 200 billion RMB. As the chairman of the Song Group, Warnia Song is a proper business elite no matter where she goes to any country.

But it was this business elite who lost contact in Tokyo, and according to reports from her family, it was probably an accident!

The director of the TMPD felt like a man on his back. If Warnia really died in Tokyo, then Tokyo would not ask for it anymore!

So he immediately rushed to the TMPD to supervise the battle and sent thousands of police officers to search for Warnia’s whereabouts.

As the members of the Ito family, the TMPD also used surveillance video to trace all clues before Warnia’s disappearance.

Moreover, the TMPD could directly access all the surveillance cameras in Tokyo, so they quickly found relevant clues and locked Warnia’s accident to Nishitama County.