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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2065 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2065 Start

Deep in the mountains of Nishitama County.

Warnia was still carefully walking through the valley slowly.

Although it is winter, the valley is dense with evergreen plants such as pines and cypresses.

Moreover, in this gloomy, cold valley, there is no trace of human visits at all, so there is not even a small intestine path.

So walking in such a place is extremely difficult.

Not to mention female streamers like Warnia, even experts who are good at expedition crossing can hardly increase their speed.

Fortunately, it’s the cold winter season. Warnia’s clothes are thicker, her upper body is a thick cashmere windbreaker, her body is a black mid-skirt with black corset leggings, and a pair of black leather boots, so she won’t be exposed to dense pine needles and dryness. The branches and leaves are hurt.

At this moment she has adapted to the darkness at the bottom of the valley. She could have used a mobile phone with a broken screen to illuminate the surrounding environment, and walking like that would save some effort.

However, she was afraid that the people who wanted to murder her would not give up, and they might still be searching for her whereabouts, so she did not dare to turn the mobile flash on.

Occasionally, she wants to see if the phone has a signal. She also hides the phone in a windbreaker and completely wraps her head and mobile phone in the windbreaker for fear of leaking light.

After groping for two or three hours in the valley, Warnia was still very physically strong, but her hands and face were repeatedly scratched by the branches and leaves of the trees. It was already covered with tiny red marks, and some even had bloodshot eyes.

But at this time Warnia could not care about the pain at all. Her only thought was to grit her teeth and walk out of the mountain to live.


At this time, Honor’s special plane landed at Tokyo Airport first.

As soon as he landed, he went straight to the TMPD without hesitation.

He had already thought about it, this time coming to Tokyo is nothing more than to behave for the old man.

When he finds Warnia’s body, he first will express some grief, and then hand the matter to the TMPD for investigation, and he could bring Warnia’s body or ashes back to Aurous Hill for a funeral.

On the way to the TMPD, Honor received a call from the United States.

He pressed the answer button and heard the voice of his father Tianming Song from the other end of the phone.

“Hey, honor, is it convenient for you to speak now?”

Honor gave a hum, and said lightly: “My confidants are all around me, dad, don’t worry.”

Tianming asked, “Are you in Tokyo?”

“Yes Dad, I’m here.”