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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2063 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2063 Start

The strength of the Ito family in Tokyo is now basically unmatched.

In addition, this was the first time Charlie spoke and asked Nanako for help, so she attached great importance to this and almost sent out the entire Ito family.

Tens of thousands of people searched intensively in Tokyo, and they soon followed the vines and traced Warnia’s trajectory to the mountain crossing in Nishitama County.

As Warnia’s road up the mountain usually has very little traffic, there is no surveillance video on this road.

After learning that the clue was interrupted at the foot of Nishitama County, the smart and astute Nanako almost immediately realized that Warnia’s accident must be on the mountain road in Nishitama County.

Not only is it sparsely populated, but the road is also very high. If someone deliberately harms Warnia, doing it here is indeed a perfect choice.

Therefore, Nanako Ito immediately halted the large-scale search and announced that a heavy prize of 100 million yen would be awarded to the first team to find a clue in Nishitama County.

After that, she immediately arranged for the ninjas of the Ito family to go to the deep mountains of Nishitama County and let them sneak among them to find clues.

At the same time, Charlie, who was in Aurous Hill, couldn’t sit still.

At this time, he was pacing back and forth in the living room, thinking to himself: “From Warnia’s voice, she must have encountered an unusual danger, and it is very likely that someone is deliberately harming her, even, It is very likely that she has encountered an accident now…”

“After all, she is just a weak woman. Even facing an adult male alone, she can’t have any chance of winning. What’s more, she is in a foreign country at the moment. Apart from a few assistants, she has no one to rely on. , I’m afraid for such a situation she is more ill-prepared…”

Thinking of this, Charlie felt a throb in his heart.

For Warnia, he naturally has a strong affection in his heart.

This is not because Charlie is half-hearted, but because a girl like Warnia is really too rare, so as long as he is a normal man, after getting along with her, he will have a good impression of her.

She is beautiful, gentle, intellectual, generous, and more importantly, she is sincere to others. Even from the perspective of ordinary friends, she will worry about them when someone is in danger.

What’s more, Charlie was lucky enough to get her heart and first k!ss, so he was even more worried when she was in danger.

It’s a pity that she is in Tokyo, and even if he has the ability to reach the sky, it is impossible to rush to her to rescue her immediately.

Therefore, he can only pray in his heart for Warnia’s good life, and at the same time pray in his heart: “Warnia, I hope you will always listen to me and carry the pill that I gave you close to your body. If you have it. Maybe, it can save your life…”

Half an hour passed.

Nanako called Charlie back, and said: “Master, the people I sent out chased all the way to Nishitama County in the western suburbs of Tokyo. The car that Miss Song was riding on went up the mountain there. The surveillance video is no longer visible. , So I suspect that Miss Song should have something wrong in the mountains. I have now sent the best ninjas to search the mountains. If there is any news, I will notify you as soon as possible!”

Charlie was even more worried when he heard Nanako said that.

In the voice just now, there was a sound of impact and friction. He thought it was just a car accident, but as soon as he heard that it was in the mountains, he immediately felt that Warnia’s chances of surviving were a little bit smaller!