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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2061 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2061 Start

On the winding road in Nishitama County, western suburbs of Tokyo.

Several people in black were looking down at the place where Warnia had fallen from the cliff. From a distance, they saw a fire burning below. One of them whispered: “Now, the person in the car should be dead, right?”

Another person sneered and said, “Falling down so high, and adding a big fire to it, if she is not dead, I will chop off my head and give it to you.”

The man smiled and said, “In this case, you can return to Mr. Hashimoto.”

The people around nodded and said, “Hurry up and clean up the scene first. All the impact debris, glass slag, and tire friction marks on the ground must be removed to ensure that no one sees an accident here after dawn.”


Several people in black immediately began to clean the scene.

The leader took out his cell phone and called Hashimoto, and reported: “Mr. Hashimoto, things have basically been settled. We will withdraw after cleaning the scene.”

Hashimoto asked, “Is the person dead? Have you confirmed the body?”

The man smiled and said, “It’s impossible to confirm the corpse. This cliff is several hundred meters high. Even if the Amaterasu fell from here, he would probably be finished.”

Hashimoto slapped his lips: “I don’t see the corpse with my own eyes, I’m still a little unsure.”

The man said, “Mr. Hashimoto, people have already rolled down the cliff with the car, and I saw from above that the car has burned up. With this fire, Amaterasu must be turned into ashes inside. I can say this with ten thousand hearts.”

Hashimoto couldn’t help complaining: “Why do you always make fun of Amaterasu? Don’t you have any sense of awe in your heart?”

The man curled his lips and smiled on the phone: “Fear a sh!t, I am a man who commits many crimes. If there is a great god, I am afraid that I would have been killed long ago. I can live and continue to commit crimes. There is no god in this world!”

Hashimoto said helplessly: “It’s OK, I won’t tell you, as long as you are sure that the person is dead, I will definitely trust you 100%.”

The man hummed and said, “Okay, the balance will be sent to my house at that time. Remember, I want the old banknotes with or without serial numbers.”

Hashimoto said quickly: “No problem, I’ll deliver it to you early tomorrow morning!”

“Okay, then I’ll hang up first!”


In the valley at this time.

Warnia is still struggling to walk through.

She doesn’t know where she is or where she can get out of the mountain, but she is thinking very simple now, she must go a little farther before climbing up the valley, otherwise, if she climbs up and is hit by the other party, then she is really doomed.

What made her feel very miraculous was that in the past ten minutes, her physical condition was getting better and better.

Not only did she lose all the pain from the injury, but her body didn’t even seem to have been seriously injured.

And now she can feel that there is still very powerful energy in her body, which is constantly being transmitted to her body, making her feel better and better, and she even feels that her body is full of inexhaustible power.