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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2058 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2058 Start

At this time, Mr. Song was ready to go to bed.

Since taking the Rejuvenating Pill, his body has grown stronger, but it also made him more cherish his hard-won health. Therefore, he has been adhering to the health concept of going to bed early, waking up early, getting active, and exercising, so he rests earlier every day.

Suddenly received a call from Charlie, he quickly connected the phone and said: “Oh, Master, you are calling me so late, what’s your order?”

Charlie said: “Master Song, I want to ask what is Warnia’s situation now? Why can’t I contact her suddenly?”

“Warnia?” Mr. Song said in surprise: “We had contact in the evening. She is in Tokyo, Japan, and is negotiating cooperation with Nippon Steel.”

Charlie said: “A few minutes ago Warnia sent me a voice message, suddenly saying something about her next life, and then I went back to her, and she is no longer available. I suspect Warnia may be in Tokyo. What happened to her!”

“Encountered an accident?!”

Mr. Song suddenly sat up from the bed and blurted out: “Master, in the voice that Warnia sent to you, did she encounter something?”

“No.” Charlie pondered: “This is what I worry about the most. Warnia didn’t say anything specific in the voice message, but it made me feel like she wanted to say goodbye to me.”

Grandpa Song said nervously, “I will call the people next to her and ask what happened!”

“Okay! If you have any news, please be sure to notify me as soon as possible!”

Father Song hung up the phone and called Warnia first.

Sure enough, as Charlie said, Warnia’s phone could not be connected at all.

The old man Song couldn’t help but be stunned, and then he hurriedly beat Warnia’s assistant Swallow.

Swallow is Warnia’s confidant and her right arm. If Warnia encounters anything, she must know.

However, what made Old Man even more nervous was that Swallow couldn’t get through!

He is really panicked now!

He immediately called Honor and said: “Honor, come to my room immediately! Something happened to Warnia!”

A minute later, Honor rushed in panic, and as soon as he walked in, he blurted out nervously and asked: “Grandpa, what happened to Warnia?!”

Father Song said nervously, “Warnia is missing! I called her and Swallow, and neither of them could get through!”

With that, Mr. Song asked again: “Honor, how many people did your sister take to Japan this time?!”

Honor said: “It seems that she took two assistants with her, as well as a local driver.”

Father Song hurriedly asked again, “Do you know who the other person is besides Swallow?”

Honor thought for a while and said, “It seems to be Silviana.”

Father Song hurriedly ordered: “Quick! Find that Silviana’s phone number and contact her immediately to see if you can contact her!”

Honor nodded in a hurry, then took out his mobile phone, called the director of the human resources department of the Song Group, and said: “Silviana who went to Japan with Warnia, do you have her contact information?”

The other party replied: “Yes Young Master, should I send it to you now?”

Honor said: “Send it to me, hurry up!”

Soon, a bunch of phone numbers reached Honor’s phone.

Honor called immediately, and after a while, he heard a prompt from the phone: “Sorry, the call you dialed cannot be reached temporarily, please call again later…”

Honor looked at the old man Song with a nervous expression, and said, “Grandpa…The two assistants around Warnia can’t get in touch, this…what the hell happened… …”

Father Song was sweating profusely. He kept tapping his palms and muttered anxiously: “It’s broken, it’s broken! Warnia must be in a difficulty! What can I do… “

Honor said without hesitation: “Grandpa, or I will take someone to Japan! We should go now!”