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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2057 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2057 Start

When Warnia was uncertain of her next moments in Nishitama County, Tokyo, Japan, Charlie was preparing to soak in the hot springs at the Champs Elys Villa in the mountains on the outskirts of Aurous Hill.

With him in the hot spring pool, his wife, Claire.

Just like when they were bathing in the hot springs with Elsa, Charlie wore swimming trunks, while Claire wore a one-piece swimsuit.

The graceful posture was revealed in front of Charlie, making Claire more or less ashamed.

In fact, the couple did not plan to take a hot spring together.

Charlie wanted Claire to come first. When Claire came over in a bathrobe, she happened to be seen by Elaine, so Elaine said that Charlie and Claire should be together.

Claire stepped into the hot spring water first, and Charlie put the two people’s mobile phones on the stone platform next to the hot spring pool before they were ready to enter the water.

At this moment, the phone rang suddenly.

It’s a WeChat.

He turned on the phone and found that Warnia had sent WeChat.

Moreover, it is a voice.

This made him feel somewhat embarrassed.

If he clicks on the voice message and listens to it, doesn’t know what it is. But if he clicks on it on the spot, what if it says something in it that makes his wife Claire misunderstand?

It is safer to listen to the ear in the earpiece mode, but it will inevitably make Claire think more.

So Charlie had to click to change the text.

Warnia’s accent is very standard, and the recognition rate of WeChat voice-converted text is also very high, so her words were completely transformed all at once.

Charlie looked at the text, and his whole person was suddenly shocked!

“Why did Warnia suddenly speak to me saying the three words I love you? Why does she say that if she has a chance, she will be his woman in the next life?!”

“Could it be… is there any danger she encountered?!”

Thinking of this, Charlie hurriedly said to Claire: “My wife, you can soak for a while, I’ll get a drink.”

Claire nodded and exhorted: “You put on some clothes, don’t freeze.”

“it is okay.”

Charlie said, put the thick bathrobe on him, turned around and entered the villa.

Jacob and Elaine both went back to their rooms to rest, and Charlie clicked on the voice directly in the living room.

Immediately afterward, Warnia’s sad and desperate voice came out: “Master, I…I really love you! If there is a chance, I will be your woman in the next life… ..”

In this voice message, in addition to Warnia’s voice, there are also violent impacts, harsh sounds caused by friction between metal and the ground, and the roar of engines…

Charlie felt a little in his heart!

Listening to this voice, Warnia must be in an accident!

He immediately called her, and it turned out that the other party was temporarily unable to connect!

He hurriedly sent Warnia a voice call invitation on WeChat, but the other party did not respond!

Charlie panicked suddenly.

He knew that Warnia was in Japan and had not yet come back, so he could also speculate that she must have something wrong in Japan.

Now, he couldn’t get in touch with her at all. What Charlie thought of the first time was to call Mr. Song to ask about the situation.

So, he immediately dialed Mr. Song’s phone.