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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2056 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2056 Start

This is like a city that was plunged into darkness due to a power outage. At the moment when the power supply was suddenly restored, the entire city was instantly re-lit!

Just as Warnia recovered rapidly, the commercial vehicle she was riding in finally fell to the bottom of the valley.

At this time, the vehicle is already full of defects.

The front of the car completely collapsed into the first row of seats, all the windows were shattered, and the metal body was also cut into countless hideous holes by the stone.

And the whole car has been deformed in the constant rolling, like a can that was stepped on!

However, Warnia’s consciousness is constantly recovering. Broken ribs, leg bones, arms, as well as body wounds, damaged brains, and internal organs are all quickly regaining vitality.

Within a moment, she regained her mobility.

She wanted to unfasten the seat belt, but the plug of the seat belt had been severely deformed together with the plug.

The seat under her body has also been completely deformed by the impact.

But fortunately, the seat belt can barely go around the body, and her body will also be able to escape from the deformed seat.

The phone under her feet is still on. Although the screen of the phone is severely broken, it still lights up, which means it can still be used.

So Warnia hurriedly grabbed the phone in her palm and hurriedly fled out of the car!

The doors of the car were no longer usable, but the windows on both sides became two completely deformed frames.

She struggled and crawled out of the car.

At this time, she heard the sound of water and at the same time smelled a pungent smell of gasoline.

The fuel tanks of family cars are almost invariably under the car, and most fuel tanks are made of engineering plastics.

Although the fuel tank can withstand most collisions and accidents, it is basically difficult to protect yourself in the face of such a 360-degree rollover accident.

Therefore, the fuel tank of this commercial vehicle was also punctured by several large openings, and dozens of liters of gasoline flowed out through these openings.

The commercial vehicle that Warnia rides has a fuel tank capacity of 70 liters, and a two-liter Coke bottle can be used as a container, which can fill a full 35 bottles.

The driver had just filled up the fuel after returning to the hotel, and it took less than ten liters to drive over, and there were at least 60 liters of gasoline in the car.

You must know that gasoline has a lot of energy when burning. Not to mention 60 liters of gasoline. Even a large Coke bottle of gasoline is enough to burn a car into iron slag!

At this time, the damaged engine of this car is still humming, which means that the spark plug of the engine is still igniting and the fuel injection nozzle is constantly injecting fuel to push the piston movement of the engine.

Once there is an oil leak inside the engine compartment, flames are likely to escape from the engine compartment, and then ignite all the gasoline!

Warnia did not dare to delay, although she was surrounded by dense woods and grasses, but in order to escape, she could only dive into the woods.

Just when she was not ten meters away, a strong fire suddenly burst out behind her.

The gasoline starts to burn from the position of the engine compartment and ignites the gasoline leaking around.

Gasoline burns extremely fast, and in the blink of an eye, the commercial vehicle is quickly consumed by the fire.

Warnia turned around and looked at the burning flame, tears filled her eyes.

Her other assistant and the very nice driver she was with, in Japan were all in the car at this time.

Although she knew that they were dead as early as the first time they hit, she still felt like a knife at the thought of their bodies being burned beyond recognition by the fire.

And Swallow…

The little girl who had been talking about learning photography with herself a few minutes ago was already separated from her…

After the rest of the catastrophe, Warnia ignored the hot flames, her legs were slightly bent and slowly knelt on the ground, covering her face with her hands, crying bitterly…