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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2055 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2055 Start

When the business car rolled and fell off the cliff, Warnia was already nervous to the extreme.

However, the more at this critical moment of life and death, her brain became more sober.

Her brain was spinning fast at this moment, and many things came to mind in her mind all of a sudden.

Because of the speed of thinking in her mind, it seems that time has slowed down.

When the commercial vehicle hit the cliffside boulder, Warnia felt that her whole body was completely destroyed by the violent impact.

Fortunately, she is still sitting in the luxury car seat of a commercial vehicle. This kind of seat is very comfortable and safe. The most important thing is that the body contact part is very soft.

The soft part of the seat can greatly alleviate the huge impact on the body, which is like putting eggs in a box wrapped in cotton, and the safety factor is greatly increased.

But because of that, Warnia still had huge inertia when she was hit, and she almost fainted her whole body. The huge inertia even squeezed her internal organs together.

The pain was beyond imagination!

But at this moment, she suddenly thought of something, something she had been carrying close to her body!

At this time, after the vehicle hit the boulder, it bounced up several meters into the sky and then continued to roll down. Warnia tried her best to spin her hands into the pockets of her clothes.

Immediately afterward, she took out a wooden box the size of a ring box. Because the car body was still rolling, she could only grasp the wooden box with both hands, and did not dare to relax, for fear that the wooden box would let go!
Because she knew that what was in this wooden box was her only life-saving straw!

Warnia quickly opened the wooden box, and when the vehicle was about to collide next time, she did not hesitate to put the pill stored in the wooden box into her mouth!


This time, the impact of the vehicle was more serious!

The commercial vehicle directly faces down and hit a boulder!

In an instant, Warnia’s car door on the right side was smashed into a huge depression!

This powerful force, the recessed car door directly hit Warnia’s right knee, and even broke her right leg!

The severe pain caused her to scream, and then, the whole car began to roll violently on the rocks full of steep slopes!

While the vehicle was rolling over, Swallow repeatedly bumped up and down in the carriage. She was so terrible that she had already lost her life.

Warnia watched her body roll back and forth in the carriage, she wanted to help but she couldn’t take care of herself. She could only watch her and her tears suddenly burst!

When the vehicle vacated again, the window was already completely broken due to the rolling speed too fast, so Swallow’s body was thrown out of the window…

Warnia broke down and cried. She herself suffered all the injuries, and almost all of her brain, internal organs, and limbs were severely damaged. She even felt that she was on the verge of dying.

However, the pill that Charlie gave her was kept in her mouth and never swallowed.

She knows that the pill can only save hers once, if she swallows it early, maybe she will die when the vehicle rolls and falls!

Therefore, there is only one belief in her mind: “I must persist and persist! Do my best to persist to the end, and then leave the destiny to God!”

Immediately afterward, another thought emerged in her mind: “No! Not to hand over the destiny to God, but to Charlie!”

It was another violent impact.

Warnia felt that she was about to lose consciousness.

Between the last electric light and flint, she bite into the pill and swallowed the pill with a bit of medicine fragrance into her abdomen!

In the next second, Warnia had completely lost all consciousness, and her body continued to roll down with the car.

At this time, a strong medical force was dissolving in her belly.

The power of the medicine was conducted extremely fast, and it quickly poured into every part of her body through the meridians.

At this time, Warnia’s body had almost lost all vitality, but at this moment, the powerful medicine made her body instantly recover.