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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2044 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2044 Start

Zhongquan frowned, and asked: “As a daughter of the Wade family, why don’t you have this patience? You can’t hold on to this little thing, what else can you do?”

Having said that, Zhongquan reminded again: “By the way, from now on, you don’t have any conflicts with Charlie, and don’t end up with him because of these things. He has agreed to come back to attend the ancestor worship ceremony on Qingming Festival. That is a good start for him to return to the Wade family.”

Cynthia asked angrily: “Dad! Why do you always favor Charlie that infamous [email protected]? He is a poor boy who has been living outside for many years. He has never read a book or went to school. What value does he bring to the Wade family? You still let him go back to attend the ancestor worship ceremony, he won’t be able to embarrass us Wade Family’s direct line?”

Zhongquan said coldly: “Charlie is also of the Wade family’s bloodline. He still has the marriage contract of Philip’s daughter. His potential value to the Wade family is incomparable to anyone, including you! So you Don’t fix any monster moths, let you stay in Aurous Hill for seven days and you’ll just stay! A portion of pork and sauerkraut dumplings can find faults, you really don’t look like floating!”

After Zhongquan finished speaking, he directly hung up the phone.

Cynthia on the phone’s end was naturally aggrieved in tears.

The more so, the more she hated Charlie in her heart.

In her opinion, she suffered hardships and was even scolded by her father because of Charlie.

Therefore, she swears from the bottom of her heart that she must find an opportunity to make Charlie pay the price!

And this ancestor worship ceremony is the best opportunity!

Thinking of this, Cynthia murmured in her heart and swears: “Charlie! Cynthia, I will definitely teach you a bitter lesson!”

Thinking of this, she wiped away her tears, opened the door, and said with an apologetic look to the subordinate of Orvel: “You gentleman, I was indeed reckless just now. I apologize to you and hope you can forgive me… ..”

As she said, she bowed deeply.

Seeing this, the other party’s mood naturally eased a bit, so he said: “Okay, because of your good attitude, this matter will be over!”

Cynthia was overjoyed and quickly bowed to thank him. Then she asked, “Sir, can you please help me to send a message to your boss?”


At night, Charlie, who was in the hot spring hotel, received a call from Orvel.

On the phone, Orvel said to him: “Master, your aunt asked me to bring you a message today. She said that she has been deeply aware of her mistakes in the past few days and wants me to say sorry for her and hope you Can forgive her for being immature.”

Charlie said indifferently: “It’s impossible for a person like her to apologize to me willingly. It must be something else?”

Orvel said: “She said, I hope you can recite her good attitude and let her return to Eastcliff in advance.”

Charlie sneered: “No! Tell her to stop dreaming. She can’t miss a minute in seven days.”

Orvel said hurriedly, “Okay Master, I will pass it on to her.”

“Yeah.” Charlie said: “After seven days, let her leave Aurous Hill immediately, and never allow her to come again!”