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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2043 Free Novel

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Orvel’s subordinates did not know Cynthia’s specific details.

All he knows is that this is a middle-aged woman for whom the boss requires strict supervision. As for her surname, where she comes from, and what background, this person knows nothing.

Therefore, when Cynthia got furious because of the dumplings he kindly brought, he immediately became a little angry, feeling that he was kindly feeding a vicious dog that barked.

Cynthia didn’t think that Charlie, one of his subordinates, spoke to her in this tone, suddenly becoming angry.

She pointed to the other’s nose and sternly said, “Do you know who I am? How dare you talk to me like this?”

The other party gritted his teeth and cursed: “I care who you are, you insult the dumplings my mother made for me, and I can’t get rid of your hatred if I don’t strike your fcuking mouth!”

Cynthia became even more angry when she heard him mention dumplings, and cursed: “You have a fcuking face to mention dumplings. I’ll ask you, what is the sour thing in that dumpling of your mother? Your mother is rotten and sour, and your mother is still making dumplings. Is it sick? Is the family so poor?”

A man from the Northeast who is about 1.8 meters tall, his face flushed immediately and annoyed, he said, “You fcuking know a [email protected]! That’s the fcuking sauerkraut we eat most often in the Northeast! You haven’t even seen sauerkraut. Are you fcuking still human?”

Cynthia said with a haughty expression: “This kind of junk food, that is, poor people like you will eat it!”

After that, she took the dumpling and threw it directly on the opponent’s face.

Cynthia didn’t care about the dumplings scattered all over the place. She stared at the strong man in front of her and said coldly: “I don’t eat this garbage, you quickly go and prepare me a lobster dumpling!”

Seeing the dumplings that his mother worked so hard to make, Cynthia was so ridiculed by it that she even threw them all to the ground, and suddenly couldn’t control them. He raised his hand and slapped Cynthia in the face.

Cynthia was immediately slapped and scolded in anger, “You…you dare to beat me! I fcuking kill you!”

The other party ignored her and said coldly: “Today’s meal has been delivered to you. If you are not full, you can only wait for tomorrow.”

Cynthia blurted out: “What did you say?! I ate one of your rubbish dumplings and vomited!”

The other party said lightly: “Then it has nothing to do with me. Anyway, I have delivered the meal. It is your business whether you eat or not.”

Cynthia gritted her teeth and said, “I won’t eat your dumplings, you can order me a McDonald’s!”

When the other party heard this, he roared angrily: “You fcuking don’t want your face! Northeast sauerkraut is rubbish in your eyes, and McDonald’s is not rubbish in your eyes? It’s a damn good thing. Shame on you!”

After that, he closed the door directly and hung the lock from the outside.

Cynthia didn’t eat a bite of rice, so she quickly became hungry.

In the evening, Cynthia couldn’t help calling her father Zhongquan, who was far away in Eastcliff. She complained on the phone and told her father about her experience in Aurous Hill.

Then, she begged her father bitterly: “Dad, you put some pressure on that [email protected] Charlie, let him put me back quickly, I really can’t stand it…”

After listening, Zhongquan said calmly: “Okay, I’ve told you about this before. Since you did something wrong by yourself, then honestly stay in Aurous Hill for a week.”

Cynthia choked and said, “Dad, I really can’t bear it anymore. I don’t know how to live this kind of ghost life! I didn’t even stutter all day today. If this continues, I will be driven crazy!”