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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2041 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2041 Start

Mrs. Willson finally had a full meal and had a good night’s sleep.

Unexpectedly, the door of the room was kicked open by the angry Gina early in the morning!

Before Mrs. Willson could react, Gina rushed to the bed, slapped her face fiercely, and cursed angrily: “You dead old woman, even the censer used by me to give incense to the Buddha You dare to steal rice, are you still a human?”

Mr. Willson was dizzy by the slap. Looking at Gina’s face that was close at hand was full of anger. She was so frightened that she blurted out and pleaded: “Gina, I’m sorry Gina! I didn’t want to steal either. Your thing, but I was so hungry…”

Gina was furious and gritted her teeth: “It’s your problem that you are hungry. What does it have to do with me? The incense burner is used by me to incense the Bodhisattva. You stole the rice in it. That would be disrespectful to the Bodhisattva! If you condemn me, you are hurting me!”

Lady Willson couldn’t help but choked up: “Gina…this New Year’s Eve…you can’t just watch my old lady starving to death in this house, right? You say, if I die in this house from hunger on new Year’s eve, how will you live here in the future? You lie in the bedroom upstairs every night thinking that I starved to death in this room downstairs. Would you feel better in your heart?”

With that, Lady Willson said in tears: “Gina…you just saved me, saved an old life. Didn’t the Bodhisattva say? Save a life and win the seventh-level Buddha statue. This is also considered accumulation of good deeds!”

Although Gina’s expression eased a little, she still shouted coldly: “For the sake of the Bodhisattva, I can forgive you for stealing rice, but you must save your own behavior and pay a certain price!”

Mrs. Willson hurriedly asked, “Gina, what price do you want me to pay?”

Gina said coldly: “You honestly wash the clothes for the three of us for one day. I will think this has never happened!”

When Mrs. Willson heard this, she immediately pleaded: “Gina, I was unwell yesterday and couldn’t go to the supermarket to work, so I stole your rice. Today I said everything has to go to work, otherwise for the family of four today’s rations are missing again…”

“Then I don’t care!” Gina said annoyedly: “Either you will wash our clothes, or you will give me the rice that you ate, and I will not ruin you. As much as you eat, you will pay me back and give the incense burner just fill it up!”

Mrs. Willson cried her face in mourning: “Gina, all the rice has been boiled by me, now let me give you back what? Or else, you let me go to the supermarket to work today, and I get the money after work. I’ll buy rice and return it to you immediately, do you think it’s okay?”

“No!” Gina said without relenting: “If you choose to return the rice to me, then return it now, otherwise, just get out and wash my clothes honestly!”

After that, Gina threatened again: “If you toast and don’t eat fine wine, don’t blame me for being rude to you!”

Seeing Gina’s grim expression, Lady Willson knew that this woman was definitely not joking with her.

She is now lonely and weak, how could she be her opponent?

So, Lady Willson nodded her head in tears, choked up, and said: “Okay…I will wash…I will go to wash…”

On the first day of the Lunar New Year, Mrs. Willson’s family of four did not get in.

The three of Gina gave a lot of dirty clothes and bed sheets to Mrs. Willson and asked her to wash everything today.

So the old lady has no time to go out and make money.

And Wendy, because of the need to take care of the injured and bedridden Noah and Harold, she couldn’t get out at all.