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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2035 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2035 Start

Ruoli looked at Roma, nodded heavily, and said with tears in her eyes: “Mom, don’t worry, I will come back to see you alive!”

Roma touched her face with one arm, and said lovingly: “After you come back this time, don’t go back to Su’s house. You will stay with your mother at grandma’s house for a while, and wait for the limelight to fade before going back.”

Ruoli gave a hum and said, “Mom, take care.”

Roma said in a low voice: “Don’t disclose the matter of saving you to anyone who are arrested with you, because this time only you can leave. If you let them know, in case of unrest, I am afraid it will cause trouble.”

Ruoli sighed softly: “Okay mom, I see…”

Roma nodded, and then reluctantly left.

And Ruoli was also taken back to her cell by soldiers.

However, Ruoli at this time was full of gratitude to Zynn in her heart.

Although she is only an illegitimate daughter, and her father Zynn cannot admit her identity, Zynn is willing to pay such a high price to rescue her. This is indeed far beyond Ruoli’s expectations of Zynn, and it also makes her heart move deeply.

Originally, she was ready to be sentenced to death, but after seeing her mother Roma, she rekindled hope for the future life.


Eastcliff time, ten o’clock in the evening.

The Charlie family in front of the TV are watching the Spring Festival Gala on TV.

Claire’s emotions seemed a bit agitated, and said to Charlie: “The program published on the Internet says that Sara’s solo singing will be in prime time at 10:10 and should be coming soon!”

Charlie nodded, he couldn’t help but look forward to it.

Although he knows that Sara is a big star, he hasn’t watched Sara’s film and television dramas, nor has he heard her singing songs.

This is mainly related to Charlie’s personality. He has no need for entertainment, so naturally he doesn’t care about the entertainment industry.

However, he naturally cared a little more about Sara. After all, this was his childhood friend who grew up with him, and she was also the fiancée that his parents made for him.

So he and Claire looked forward to the TV together, looking forward to Sara’s appearance.

The timing of the Spring Festival Gala is almost exactly the same. At 10:10, the host smiled and said: “It is said that the taste of first love is the most beautiful feeling in life. Next, the film and television song superstar Miss Sara will bring her to us. The new single “First Love”.”

Afterward, Sara, wearing an elegant evening dress, stepped onto the gorgeous stage.

Claire said excitedly: “Wow! Sara’s dress is really beautiful!”

Charlie couldn’t help but nod in agreement.

Sara on TV deliberately put her long hair lightly behind her head, which is a little more dignified and a little more charming than before.

Elaine looked at Sara and couldn’t help sighing: “Oh, this girl is really beautiful! Much more beautiful than those female stars!”

After finishing speaking, he said with some regret: “In fact, with the appearance of Claire, she can also enter the entertainment circle and become a star. Even if it is compared with Sara, Claire is not inferior.

Claire smiled and said, “Mom, you are too praising me. How can I be a star? I like actors but not acting, and I want to hear a voice without mine going out to others.