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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2034 Free Novel

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Roma said: “Your dad said, you can pick up the name as you like, and he will help you get the relevant household registration information.”

Ruoli flashed a flash of joy. Just as she was about to speak, Roma added: “Ruoli, your father said, you cannot continue to have the last name Su, or you can call any name other than Ruoli, but you can’t use the character of the Su family.”

Ruoli’s expression of joy just now became extremely bitter. She looked at Roma and asked, “Mom, Dad still doesn’t want others to know who I am?”

Roma said with an ashamed expression: “Ruoli, you are your father’s illegitimate daughter after all, and few people know about this. Apart from your father, only your grandfather knows about the relationship between your father and me. Liona, if she knows that your father still has an illegitimate daughter like you, she will definitely break with your father…”

Ruoli choked up and said, “Mom, can’t I tell others that Zynn Su is my father all my life? Do I have to be a girl who has no father since childhood?”

Roma’s eyes were red, and she sighed, “Ruoli, the reason why your father had that past with me back then was entirely my own request. He didn’t even know your existence for many years, so you can’t blame him. Unwilling to disclose your identity!”

“What’s more, your dad paid a very high price to save you this time. Even if he can’t publicly claim that you are his daughter, deep down in his heart, he also loves you very much! Can’t blame him, do you understand?”

Ruoli sighed when she heard this, nodded slightly, and said seriously: “Mom, I know, don’t worry, I will never mention this matter again in the future, let alone blame Dad in my heart!“

Roma squeezed Ruoli’s hand hard, and said seriously: “In a few days, you will be escorted to Tokyo. Then someone will contact you, replace you, and send you to the dock. Mom will be waiting for you at home!”

Ruoli hurriedly asked: “Mom, won’t you wait for me in Tokyo?”

Roma shook her head and said, “Your dad said, once you successfully escape, Japan will definitely check everyone who has recently entered the country. At that time, if it is found that I am from China and I have been to Osaka, the incident will happen again. I went to Tokyo before, which meant that I gave the Homeland Security Department a complete clue for nothing. So after he told me to meet you, I immediately returned from Osaka to avoid leaving clues. As for Tokyo, he will arrange for others To meet you.”

Ruoli nodded and said, “Okay mom, I know! You wait for me to go back in peace in China!”

At this time, someone opened the door and said: “Time is almost up!”

Roma looked at Ruoli reluctantly, and said, “Ruoli, take care of yourself these few days, mom will go!”

Ruoli nodded gently with tears: “Mom, take care, and also help me to say thanks to Dad…”

Roma patted her arm and whispered: “There is no 100% success rate in everything, but you must promise mom and come back alive!”