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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2028 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2028 Start

Mrs. Willson originally agreed to go to work in the supermarket today.

The supermarket also agreed to double her salary today.

However, because her hard-earned money was stolen, and Elaine sneered fiercely, Mrs. Willson’s blood pressure suddenly rose, and she sat down on a chair and could not stand up again.

Although there was nothing serious about her body, she had no choice but to give up the idea of ​​going to the supermarket to work because of her anger and blood pressure.

Seeing that the hard-earned money is gone and there is no chance to earn today’s salary, she is desperate in her heart.

She originally wanted Wendy to work in the supermarket and earn her double salary.

But when she thought that her son and grandson were both seriously injured in the bed, and her blood pressure surged, she couldn’t take care of herself and couldn’t take care of them, so she didn’t dare to let Wendy leave.

A family of four can only stare at each other in a luxurious villa.

The four of them are now penniless, the only thing they have is the leftovers that were not finished yesterday.

It was originally leftovers, but after another night, it was completely broken into vegetable soup.

Wendy suggested to eat these leftovers at noon, but the old lady did not agree.

She said to Wendy: “The leftovers are the only food we have now. If we eat them now, we will be hungry at night.”

With that, Mrs. Willson sighed and said, “Tonight is the New Year’s Eve, what are we talking about? You can’t be hungry for the New Year’s Eve dinner, so let’s save the leftovers for the evening.”

Wendy cried and said, “Grandma, the rest of the food, none of the four of us can eat half full, what’s the point of keeping it…”

The old lady said seriously: “You don’t understand! You must eat the New Year’s Eve dinner. If you can’t eat the New Year’s Eve dinner, the next year will be the life of a pauper and you can’t turn it back!”

When Harold heard this, he immediately cried: “Grandma, didn’t you say that you would wrap meat dumplings for me tonight? Why did you let me eat these leftovers?”

Old lady Willson was extremely helpless: “Harold, grandma can’t do anything about it. After all, we don’t have a penny now. What can we buy noodles and meat with?”

Harold cried particularly sadly: “Grandma, today is New Year’s Eve, and I can’t eat big fish and meat. Anyway, I have a mouthful of dumplings. I really don’t want to eat the leftover vegetable soup from yesterday. The smell of water, mixed with the smell of rusty kitchen knives, is really unpalatable…”

Jacob on the side choked dryly and said, “After you have done Harold, you can eat some, it’s not bad…It’s better than having a hungry stomach on New Year’s Eve…”

After all, he gritted his teeth and said: “This thing, blame your mother, that b!tch took all of your grandma’s hard-earned money, otherwise, we would be able to eat hot dumplings… ..”

Wendy also cried, sobbing and said, “Mom is too much. When she stole grandma’s money, didn’t she think about our family?”

The lady Willson was even more angry, and blurted out: “She wants a [email protected]! If she really had our family in her heart, she wouldn’t betray her body in the black coal pit! This kind of unruly b!tch, if it is true. If I have eyes, I will take her as soon as possible!”

After that, the old lady Willson sat down in a chair, patted her thighs, and cried out: “God, you open your eyes and look at our house, what life are we having!”

The old lady hid her face and wept bitterly.

Others kept whimpering, and the family of four cried together…