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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 201 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 201 Start

Mrs. Willson was struck by lightning at this time!

How did that happen?

Only Charlie could have such a big energy? Even the White family broke with their Willson family?

At the thought of this, her heart throbbed with pain.

She wanted to beg Solmon not to abandon the Willson family at this time, but the other party didn’t pay attention to her at all. After saying that they were about to divorce, they swaggered to take Gerald and left.

Wendy broke down and cried!

She accompanied Gerald for several years, and gave everything to the other party, even they were pregnant with child and now, everything has disappeared.

Therefore, she has an unforgettable hatred towards grandma in her heart.

Her father, Noah, was also very depressed. He followed the Lady Willson and ditched his younger brother’s family, but he didn’t seem to get any benefits.

More importantly, the son was injured and arrested, and the daughter was abandoned by the fiance’s family. This really gave him an irreparable loss.

He complained to the Old Mrs. Willson: “Mom, I usually listen to you in everything, but at this point, my family has lost too much!”

At this time, the Old Mrs. Willson tried to stabilize their emotions, and said: “Don’t panic! Why anxious? Harold just spends money to redeem the people. As for Wendy’s marriage, what are we afraid of? Good women don’t have to worry about marrying, our Wendy is beautiful, and I don’t know how many rich sons will line up to pursue her tomorrow!”

After speaking, the Lady Willson said again: “Don’t forget, we still have the Emgrand Group’s contract in hand! This is our Willson family’s turnaround battle! If we win this battle, our Willson family will still need to rely on in the future. As the kings? Do we still need to depend on the rich? We are the rich ourselves!”

Noah hurriedly asked: “Mom, the emgrand group’s project was previously in hands of Claire’s dead girl. Now she has been kicked out of the Willson Group. This project, as well as the position of director, should be replaced?”

“Change! Of course you want to change!” The Lady Willson blurted out immediately: “Don’t worry, I will give this position to Harold! When Harold comes out, he will be the director of the Willson Group and is fully responsible for the cooperation between the Willson Group and the Emgrand Group! “

Noah Willson gratefully rejoiced, and the whole person finally got some comfort.

The loss is so great that if the Lady Willson doesn’t make up for herself a little, it is really impossible. Since this project is given to her son, then her son will still have a chance to stand up in the future.

At this time, Mrs. Willson exhorted: “There must be no gaps in the cooperation of the Emgrand Group. When the time comes, Harold will give me an all-out connection. We must take down this project beautifully, even from the Emgrand Group. Get more projects in your hands!”

Noah Willson said immediately: “Mom, don’t worry, I will let Harold go all out!”

While talking, someone knocked on the door.

Immediately afterwards, a man in a suit walked into the courtyard of the Willson family mansion.

“Excuse me, is Mrs. Willson at home?”

Old Mrs. Willson greeted her and asked, “I am, who are you?”

The other party said: “Hello, I am the chief lawyer of Emgrand Group.”

When she heard that it was a member of the Emgrand Group, Mrs. Willson hurriedly said enthusiastically: “Oh, oh! It turned out to be a barrister of the Emgrand Group! Come in! Come in!”

“No.” The other party said coldly: “I’m here to give you a lawyer’s letter in person.”

“Lawyer’s letter?” Mrs. Willson asked in surprise, “What lawyer’s letter?”

The other party said: “The lawyer’s letter for the termination of the contract, our Emgrand Group has decided to terminate all cooperation with the Willson family after negotiation, and will never have any form of cooperation with the Willson family in the future, please receive the lawyer’s letter Within three days, go to the Emgrand Group to complete the agreement procedures.”