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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2005 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2005 Start

Seeing Jacob running away, Mrs. Willson was angry to death.

She shouted in grief and angrily: “How can there be such a child! It doesn’t matter if his own mother is beaten? Is this still a human? It’s just a beast!”

But what she didn’t know was that the woman on the opposite side was almost shocked.

She didn’t know any rift in the relationship between Jacob and Mrs. Willson, but she knew that the two were in a mother-child relationship.

She thought with horror in her heart: “This old woman and the man are obviously mothers and sons, but they don’t live in the same villa. Instead, they bought two of the best villas to live next to each other, one set a04 and one a05. What kind of damn family is this? How much money does the family have to take advantage of? How much energy must be behind it?”

When she thought of this, she regretted the trouble she had just made to find the old lady.

So, she nervously hurriedly apologized in a low voice: “Lady, I’m so sorry…I really didn’t expect you to be a resident of the villa area…I blamed myself for just now, please don’t be like me. …..”

Mrs. Willson scolded angrily: “You slapped me, and then you’re done by saying sorry?”

The woman hurriedly asked again: “Then how do you want to solve it…or tell me how can I calm you down? Why don’t you slap me? No matter how many times you slap me, I won’t fight back! “

Mrs. Willson gritted her teeth, and at that time she wished to rush over and smack the woman’s face.

However, she thought carefully: “Although I smoked her to relieve my hatred, it has no practical effect…Instead of this, it is better to ruin her for some money!”

Thinking of this, Mrs. Willson said coldly: “You scolded me and slapped me in the face. You have to give me a little compensation for everything, right?”

The woman nodded without hesitation: “You are right! I am willing to actively compensate! You can say the number, how much is it, I will pay you…”

Mrs. Willson originally wanted to bid ten thousand.

But after thinking for a moment, she felt that calling ten thousand was not appropriate.

The current Mrs. Willson is no longer the old lady like Lafayette before.

Mrs. Willson had a lot of money in her hands, let alone ten thousand, one million might not really be in sight.

However, the current Mrs. Willson has spent a whole day pulling plastic bags in the supermarket for 100, so 10,000 is a huge sum of money for her now.

So, the old lady thought to herself: “After all, she just slapped me. If I ask her for 10,000, what if she gets angry and calls me an extortionist? Isn’t it going to take me back to the detention center?“

“In these days, it is not easy to make money. I am exhausted all day working, and only earn one hundred a day. It would be a bargain to get one hundred for a slap… Wouldn’t it be called extortion?”

Thinking of this, Mrs. Willson said sharply: “I’m so old, you slap me, the problem can be big or small, but I have always been generous, you give 100, this matter is even a flip!”

“One… one hundred?!” The woman’s eyes almost fell to the ground.

She originally thought that since this old lady could afford to live in villa a04, there must be some awesome people at home, and if she beat her today, it was really a mess.

Therefore, even if Mrs. Willson asked her for one hundred and eighty thousand, she also decided to agree without hesitation, and then transfer the funds as quickly as possible to settle the matter.

Unexpectedly, when the old lady spoke, it only cost one hundred…

She was so happy that she nodded and said: “No problem, no problem! I’ll get you the money!”

As she said, she took out her wallet, took out one hundred in cash, and handed it to Mrs. Willson, then pointed to the security guard and said, “Lady, we have a witness here. You just said it to One hundred, and I have given you the money now. You can’t trouble me anymore!”

Mrs. Willson was very happy when she held this hundred bill.