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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 200 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 200 Start

Moreover, although Wendy and Gerald are not married, they have been together for a long time. Some time ago, the two children were careless and got pregnant unexpectedly. In order not to make gossips, Lady Willson asked Wendy to knock off the child and prepare to wait for marriage.

Unexpectedly, White’s family will now come directly to retreat!

This, isn’t this playing with the granddaughter for so long?

Moreover, she also made her belly bigger once, so she was going to leave?

She was very angry and tremblingly asked: “Mr. White, why are doing this? My Willson family has not offended you! Moreover, we have always treated Gerald as our own son. He had been with Wendy before. For a child, I also think that the reputation of the two families should be taken into consideration, and we can’t get pregnant before unmarried, so I advocated that Wendy had the child knocked out. You can’t do this to her, right?”

Speaking of the child, Wendy burst into tears.

Solmon sneered and said: “If this matter is to be blamed, you can’t blame Gerald, just blame your Old Mrs. Willson for being too shameless!”

“This” Old Mrs. Willson didn’t expect, Solmon cursed directly on her head and couldn’t help asking: “What happened to you, Lady Willson?”

Solmon hummed: “The villa I gave to Charlie, you guys were going to grab it too. For people with no character like you, how can I become relatives with you?!”

The Old Mrs. Willson was dumbfounded, and blurted out: “My family, this is a matter between us and Charlie, so why it bothers you?”

Solmon said coldly: “You Lady Willson is really shameless! That villa is my honor to Mr. Charlie, you dare to snatch it? You don’t look at it, you’re a sh!t!”

Mrs. Willson felt a sharp pain in her chest.

This Solmon doesn’t give her respect! If the family is rich, can they insult me ​​like this?

However, she did not dare to refute it at once.

Because she knows that she is at a loss in this matter!

Moreover, she really did not expect that Solmon would respect Charlie Rubbish so much!

This in the end is why? !

At this time, Wendy sat on the ground, watching Gerald crying and said: “Gerald, I was pregnant with your child, you can’t leave me!”

Gerald on the side said lightly: “If you are to blame, blame your grandma and your father, oh yes, and your brother!”

As he said, Gerald said again: “Also, you even beat Libo. You know that Libo has been in my White’s house for 40 years and saved my father’s life. And he was the one who looked after me when I was young. I was saved by Uncle Libo when I stumbled into the water. Otherwise, I would be dead now. Uncle Libo is no different from my grandfather to me. You actually beat him to rob the villa! How outrageous! A shameless family cannot be like my family, I won’t be your son-in-law, and don’t even want you to be our daughter-in-law!”

Noah Willson stood aside, his face pale.

Old Mrs. Willson also had a frightened expression on her face.

They thought that Uncle Libo was just a subordinate, but they didn’t expect it to be so important to the White family.

Old Mrs. Willson regrets that her intestines are all green at this time. If she knew that, what villa would she still rob!

The villa was not snatched and ruined the granddaughter’s marriage!

The key is that I still count on relying on the White family to fly and grow up! Now all the chickens have been beaten!

Thinking of this, the Lady Willson almost burst into tears.

Sitting paralyzed on the ground, Wendy yelled at the Old Mrs. Willson angrily: “I blame you for the dead Lady Willson! I blame you for ruining my happiness!”