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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1999 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1999 Start

When Horiyah heard Wendy say that she was willing to be a junior for Charlie, she was immediately anxious.

She blurted out: “Wendy! Are you crazy? It’s not good for you to be a junior. If you have to be a junior, how can he be worthy of you?!”

Wendy sighed and said quietly, “Mom, now I really think that Charlie is actually quite good, handsome, responsible, and good character. He is much better than Gerald.”

“What nonsense are you talking about!” Horiyah glared at her and blurted out: “Just like Charlie’s stinky hanging silk, he’s not worthy to lift your shoes!”

Wendy smiled bitterly and said, “In the past nearly a year, what’s my own situation, can I still not know? I was the phoenix that soared in the sky before, and I fell straight down to the point where even a local chicken raised in the village is better than me.”

As she said, Wendy couldn’t help sobbing: “Mom, look at me now, my reputation is completely ruined, how can any man want to look at me anymore…”

Seeing Wendy in tears, Horiyah hugged her head distressedly, and comforted her: “Good girl, we can’t think so, you know? Fame is a fart? How can it be more important to live well?”

Then, Horiyah said again: “Besides, you have a lot of money and have never followed a few men. Gerald is one, Fredmen is one, and Barena is one. Doesn’t this add up to three men? You are twenty. It’s a lot, what is it to have been with three men? How many girls have not graduated from college, and there are more men who they have sl3pt with. They are not afraid of their reputation being ruined. What is there to fear for you?”

Wendy cried and shook her head: “Mom, that’s different. Falling in love in college is a small closed society. It doesn’t matter what you do or do in four years. As long as you graduate, who else knows?”

“But I am different. When I was with Gerald, who didn’t know about it in the Aurous Hill?”

“Later with Fredmen, everyone in the city knows it too!”

“Since then, my reputation has been bad. Everyone knows that I had a man who is older than my dad. Who can look down on me?”

“Not to mention that I was later used as a commodity by Fredmen and sent directly to Barena. This matter is even more known to Aurous Hill…”

Horiyah was full of pain and choked up: “My dear girl, I don’t blame you for this, mother, and your father and your grandma! If we didn’t see our eyes open, we could not push you into the fire pit. ……”

After that, she raised her hand and slapped herself, and said angrily: “Mom, is sorry! Mom is not human!”

Wendy hurriedly grabbed her hand and cried and said, “Mom, I don’t blame you for this. I also volunteered…I couldn’t resist the temptation of money, and wanted to sacrifice myself in exchange for the glory of wealth. It has nothing to do with you, don’t beat yourself like that…”

Horiyah cried and sighed: “What kind of evil do you think I have done! How can a good life be like this…”

Wendy nodded to the side and said, “I can no longer bear the days like this. To be honest, as long as I can live a stable life now, let alone Charlie as a junior. Even if Charlie’s housekeeper, I am willing to…”

Speaking of this, Wendy cried and said: “To this day, I really start to envy Claire…”

“At first, everyone thought that she married a trash and ruined her life…”

“But who would have thought that the rubbish she married would treat her the same for four years…”

“Moreover, this rubbish, for her to work hard, beat and scold, even if the whole world laughs at him, he will not leave Claire half a step…”

“What’s even more commendable is that this trash man can even counterattack and become Master who is respected by everyone in the upper class of Aurous Hill. Isn’t this a proper super potential stock?”

“Look now, a man like Charlie is really the most reliable…”

“As for Gerald and his ilk, what can they do even if they have money?”

“At the critical moment, isn’t the disaster approaching and flying separately?”

After listening to Wendy’s words, Horiyah was taken aback for a moment, and immediately said with emotion: “You are right… Claire, this girl, looks stupid, she is really wise!”