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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1993 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1993 Start

Charlie also saw Horiyah at this time.

Seeing her wearing a supermarket green vest, he suddenly felt a little funny.

What he thought of was when Horiyah was doing coolies in the black coal kiln.

Wonder if the black coal kiln gave Horiyah the work clothes at that time?

Don’t even know what Horiyah looks like in black coal mine work clothes.

Horiyah felt extremely uncomfortable at this time.

She really had a hard hatred for Charlie.

When she set Elaine, Charlie rushed over and broke her good deeds.

That’s not counting.

The worst thing was that Charlie donated all her money to charity and then sent her to the black coal mine.

Thinking of the time in the black coal kiln, Horiyah felt uncomfortable and wanted to die, and she couldn’t help yelling angrily: “[email protected] Charlie! It was he who sent me into the black coal kiln and I spent so many days in the black coal kiln. , I paid so much, but got a whole body of venereal diseases and a child, if it weren’t for him, how could I be so miserable today…”

The more she thought about it, the more she gritted her teeth at Charlie.

So, seeing Charlie come to buy something, she immediately said with a cold face: “Thank you for changing the cash register, I am temporarily suspending service!”

Charlie was not angry, and smiled and said, “Auntie, aren’t you bullying the honest people? We have been in line for so long before we get to the front. So many people have also checked out before, so how come we are here the service is suspended?”

Horiyah said annoyedly: “I want to take a break, can’t we suspend the service? Do you think this supermarket belongs to you? Follow me here! I tell you, I just won’t tie it to you today! You love it. It’s impossible for me to find a knot!”

Jacob was dissatisfied, and with a bit of anger, he said, “I said Sister-in-law, you are a bit too much. We are the customers here, and the customer is God. You are the cashier here. You have to serve God well. Are you still standing up with us?”

When Horiyah heard him say that she has to serve the god, she was immediately furious, and she shouted: “Jacob, how do I say it is your sister-in-law? You serve, do you have a sense of respecting the old and loving the young in your heart? Get out of here! Don’t bother me!”

Jacob exploded immediately and blurted out: “You are still an elder brother’s wife. It’s like a mother. You are a stinky lady who deserves to say these words to me?”

Horiyah slammed the code scanner in her hand and shouted angrily: “Jacob, who the hell do you think you are?!”

Jacob pouted his lips: “Say it, why? Can’t I?”

Horiyah bitterly said: “You…you…you…you say one more thing, I will scratch your old face!”

At this moment, a man in a full uniform shouted angrily: “No.8, what are you doing?! Why did you yell at the guests?!”

Horiyah was shocked immediately!

Looking up, it turned out to be the manager of the cashier department!

For fear of offending the leader of the supermarket, she was swept out, so she hurriedly explained with a smile: “I’m sorry, manager, I met my relatives, so I just made a joke.”

After that, she pointed to Jacob and said, “This person is called Jacob. He is my husband’s biological brother, my relative, don’t mind!”

Hearing this, the manager of the cashier department eased a little.

Recently, supermarket cashiers are in short supply. The cashier manager often looks at a large number of customers waiting in line to check out. Many customers even call the group to complain because the cashier time is too long, and he is also very troubled.