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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1988 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1988 Start

Sara smiled slightly: “Then I will thank Mr. Su on behalf of the Aurous Hill orphanage.”

Zhifei hurriedly waved his hand: “Where and where, this should be done. What’s more, I donate the money, which is actually used to make a donation to the Buddha. The money was originally intended to be used as a sponsorship fee. Thank goes to Miss Sara, not me.”

Sara smiled for some reason and then said, “Mr. Su, since the cooperation has been decided, let’s wait for the actual progress in a few years. I still have something to do now. I have to lose my company first.”

As soon as Zhiyu heard this, she quickly stood up and said with a smile: “Sister Sara, you are busy in advance, we won’t bother!”

Sara nodded lightly and said, “Then I’ll let the two of you out.”

After finishing speaking, she called the servants at home and said: “Auntie, please help me send the guests.”

A middle-aged maid walked over immediately and said respectfully: “Two guests, please.”

Zhifei felt a little bit reluctant, but he stood up and said to Sara, Philip, and Lenan: “Miss Sara, Uncle, Auntie, we will leave now.”

Philip nodded, and said nonchalantly, “Go slow.”

Lenan smiled and said politely: “Then we won’t give away two people, and the road will be slow.”

Zhiyu hurriedly said, “Auntie, visit us at home when you have time.”

Lenan politely said: “Well, if you have time, come to the mansion to visit.”

With a few simple greetings, the family servant sent the Su family’s siblings out.

After the two left, Philip couldn’t help frowning, and muttered: “I always feel that the two young people of the Su family are strange.”

Lenan nodded and said, “I have this feeling too, it seems a little unnatural.”

After all, Lenan said again: “It might have something to do with what they encountered in Japan some time ago? After all, the incident was quite a big deal. It is said that if the mysterious person did not save them, the two of them might have had trouble, even died in Japan.”

Philip nodded and said with emotion: “Hey, I heard that Zynn also went to Japan at that time. Why didn’t he die in Japan?”

Lenan seriously asked: “You, don’t talk nonsense, Zynn is also the quasi-patriarch of the Su family now. We really can’t afford him. If you talk nonsense like this, don’t you cause trouble for yourself when you spread it out?”

Philip gritted his teeth and said: “That old [email protected] Zynn, this grandson is the most dmn thing! Back then, how many times did the older brother Changying have the chance to kill him directly, and in the end, he was relieved to let him go. Later, that villain’s cheeks and avengers! It’s so fcking disgusting!”

Lenan patted him on the back and comforted him: “If you are done, don’t worry about these things anymore. Even if you are recovering from a serious illness now, our family is not the opponent of the Su family. Zynn’s hatred, etc. After Charlie returns to Eastcliff in the future, you two will join hands to report!”

Philip nodded repeatedly and said seriously: “You’re right! One day Charlie returned to Eastcliff, and marries our daughter, and inherited the entire Wade family. At that time, I see what else the Su family can do!”

Sara on the side was more or less embarrassed and whispered: “Oh, Dad…you haven’t said anything about the marriage between Charlie and me, don’t forget that he is married now… …”

Philip waved his hand and said firmly, “Sara, don’t worry, Charlie will marry you within three years!”

Sara was a little shy and asked in surprise, “Dad…you…how are you so sure?”

Philip looked at Sara and said very solemnly: “Charlie’s personality and his style of behavior are too much like your Uncle Wade. Based on this alone, I dare to conclude that Charlie will follow his parents’ arrangements before death, we will marry you!”