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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 198 Free Novel

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The Pill was developed by the famous traditional medicine doctor Simiao in the Thompson Dynasty. His widely circulated works are Qianjin Prescriptions and Thompson Materia Medica, and the Simiao’s Medical Classics are his memorials of medical practice in the past dynasties, and many clinical records are recorded. Experience, these classics are also included in the Nine Profound Heaven Scriptures.

Compared with the previous two medical books, this Simiao’s medical classics is more clinically valuable, but not many people know it. Now it has been completely lost, and most traditional medicine practitioners have not even heard of this name.

According to the prescriptions in the medical classics, Charlie quickly prepared a box of walnut-sized honey pills with six pills in total.

As soon as the pills were prepared, Claire helped Jacob back.

Jacob still had pain on his face, and he became increasingly uncomfortable walking.

Claire was also a little worried, and said, “Dad, if it’s not possible, let’s go to the hospital for a look, what do you think?”

Jacob waved his hand: “Oh, I don’t want to go to the hospital anymore. It’s too much trouble. I have to take a blood test and a urine test and I have to take a film. Sometimes all is right and something is wrong. Let’s help me sit on the sofa for a while.”

Jacob went to the traditional medicine Museum just now for an acupuncture massage, but he didn’t expect that it wouldn’t work at all. His head became more painful. At this time, he just wanted to sit down and rest quickly, otherwise he might faint.

At this moment, Charlie walked out carrying the pill he had just configured.

Claire heard the smell of medicine floating in the air, and she asked in surprise: “Charlie, are you boiling medicine?”

Charlie pointed to the honey pill in his hand and said, “Dad, this pill can invigorate blood and remove blood stasis, and the effect is very good. You can take one and try it.”

He picked up the pill and looked at it. A particularly fresh medicinal scent came into his nostrils, making him feel refreshed.

He asked in surprise: “You made this pill?”

“Yes!” Charlie said, “I just made it.”

Jacob asked again: “Have you studied medicine?”

Charlie said: “I used to learn from an Old Master sweeping the floor in an orphanage. His ancestor was a traditional medicine doctor.”

Jacob said with a look of disbelief, “Really? Can the things taught by the old sweeping man work?”

“It is guaranteed to be effective. You can try it. The medicine will cure the disease.”

Jacob felt a little nervous, but when he thought of his current situation, he couldn’t bear the pain, so he took the pills in two mouthfuls.

Before Claire asked about the origin of Qing Pills, he saw that Jacob had already taken it, and quickly asked, “Dad, how do you feel?”

“It seems that I just ate it and my head really doesn’t hurt so much.” Jacob was also surprised.

This pill seemed unremarkable, but after he took it, it seemed as if a breath of fresh air reached his forehead, his nose opened up, his head became clearer, and the pain in the back of his head actually disappeared a lot.

Jacob asked happily, “Charlie, where did you buy this medicine?”

Charlie said, “Qin Gang just sent some medicinal materials over, so I just fiddled with them.”

Jacob continued to admire: “This President Qin is such a good person! Knowing that I was injured, he even delivered medicine specially!”

Claire also said: “Everyone in Aurous Hill City said that Qin Gang is kind, and that seemed to be the case. If the uncle Noah was like President Qin with kind thoughts, how could it be like this.”

When he mentioned Noah, Jacob looked down, waved his hand and said, “Don’t mention him.”

Jacob returned to the house to rest after taking the medicine.

Charlie saw that Claire’s face was not so good, and asked: “You should rest soon, don’t get angry, Willson family, you will definitely pay the price for today’s affairs!”