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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1978 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1978 Start

Charlie smiled and said, “Looking back at Uncle, everything is fine, how are you and Aunt Lenan?”

“Okay! We are fine!” Philip nodded repeatedly. At this time, Lenan stood beside him, looked at Charlie on the screen, and said with a smile: “Charlie, when will you come to Eastcliff for a few days? Uncle has been thinking of you especially recently. Basically, I have to listen about you several times a day, and my ears are about to grow cocoons.”

Charlie smiled and said, “Uncle and Auntie, when I finish my work, I will make time to visit Eastcliff to see you two.”

Standing on the other side of Philip, Sara murmured dissatisfiedly: “What do you mean by seeing them, then what should I do? You don’t have to see me?”

Charlie hurriedly smiled and said, “Of course I have to meet you as well. I made a mistake. I have time to see you, Uncle and Auntie! Are you satisfied now?”

Sara hummed triumphantly: “This is pretty much better!”

At this time, Philip said: “By the way, Charlie, I heard that Cynthia came to Aurous Hill?”

“Yes.” Charlie smiled slightly: “Uncle, have you heard about it?”

Philip smiled and said, “Your grandpa called me this morning and told me about you and Cynthia.”

Charlie asked in surprise: “He knows that I have met you?”

Philip shook his head: “He didn’t know yet, so he thought I hadn’t received your message yet, so he told me about you.”

Charlie asked puzzledly: “Why does he want to tell you these things?”

Philip smiled and said, “I see what he meant, mainly because he wanted to tell me your news, and then asked me if I was still willing to fulfill the promise I made with your dad and let you get married with my daughter.”

Charlie couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.

It seemed that Grandpa meant that he still wanted to get himself back to the Wade family, and then let himself go to marry Sara.

At this time, Philip also saw Charlie’s embarrassment and hurriedly said: “Charlie, don’t put any pressure on this matter. I just told your grandfather that I am willing to fulfill my promise, but I also said that in this matter the opinion of children must be respected.”

After speaking, Philip said again: “Charlie, you still come at your own pace. Since I said, our family waited for you for many years and we must wait for you for more.”

Charlie nodded lightly and said: “Uncle, thank you for your understanding.”

Philip waved his hand and said, “Uncle’s life is yours. You don’t have to be so polite with me.”

Immediately, Philip said again: “Oh, yes, your grandfather asked me to persuade you, after all, you and Miss Cynthia are all in the same family. Don’t be so angry, let alone hurt your peace.”

Charlie said: “Uncle, my aunt is too domineering, and my grandfather doesn’t give her the necessary restraint. When she arrived in Aurous Hill, she drank and arrogated me, and went to Mother-in-law to gossip. , She is really too arrogant.”

Philip nodded and said, “Miss Cynthia is in Eastcliff. That is notoriously difficult to deal with. I didn’t expect that going to Aurous Hill would let you get cured.”

Charlie said indifferently: “If she is not too much, I don’t want to be familiar with her.”

Philip smiled slightly and said, “Your grandfather still wants me to persuade you. If you have time, go back to Wade’s house. This year’s Spring Festival is over. After the Lantern Festival, it’s almost March. He hopes you will save energy. Come back, join him in the ancestor worship ceremony held by the Wade family in Waderest Mountain.”

Charlie asked in surprise, “Holding an ancestor worship ceremony?”

“Yes.” Philip said: “Your Wade family originally held an ancestor worship ceremony once in twelve years. It happened to be this year, and Waderest Mountain was developed for more than three years. The construction was just completed last spring. Wade family moved to the ancestral tomb in the fall. So this year’s Qingming Festival is also the first Qingming Festival when Waderest’s tomb was moved to Waderest Mountain.”

“So your grandfather wants to hold a grand ceremony for ancestor worship. At that time, not only your Wade, but also dozens of Wade branches across the country will also go to participate. You are the grandson of the Wade family, and he hopes you can be there, and formally pay homage to your parents by the way.”