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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1973 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1973 Start

When everyone heard that Orvel gave Charlie a villa in Tokyo, they were all surprised, and they didn’t understand why Orvel wanted to send Charlie to his villa in Japan.

But after a moment of surprise, Issac and Liang suddenly realized in their hearts!

At the same time, they all sighed in their hearts, why didn’t they think of this!

Back in Japan, they had been by Charlie’s side, busy assembling the production line of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals. After everyone arrived in Osaka, Charlie suddenly wanted to go to Kyoto alone.

At that moment, Orvel guessed that Charlie must have been looking for Nanako.

Orvel is a very smart person, and he has served with Charlie for a long time, knowing more about some things about Charlie than others around him.

He had long seen that Charlie seemed to have some appreciation for the Japanese female fighter named Nanako, and then the female fighter returned to Japan for treatment because of an injury during the match.

Orvel paid attention to Nanako’s follow-up. She first received treatment in Tokyo, and then went to Kyoto to train, but Charlie suddenly went to Kyoto when he was in Osaka, he suddenly guessed the reason.

What is even more bizarre is that Charlie drove to Kyoto that same day, and then drove from Kyoto to Tokyo at night. Combined with the Japanese news reports on a series of times at that time, Orvel used these clues to structure the whole thing in his mind. And the guess is not bad.

He knew that Nanako inherited the Ito family and began to work hard to become the heir of the Ito family. He also knew that the Ito family had a luxurious mansion near the imperial residence in Tokyo, so he simply bought it next to the Ito family mansion. Now, this mansion is given to Charlie.

In his opinion, this should be what he liked, Charlie would definitely like it very much.

Issac and Liang also followed Charlie all the way to Japan, so they also knew the outline of the matter.

Suddenly, they found that Orvel had given Charlie a villa in Tokyo, and he immediately knew what Orvel was thinking.

While admiring him, the two were also annoyed that they did not expect this level.

Charlie heard that Orvel had given him a villa in Tokyo, his first thought was also surprised.

As soon as he came up, he didn’t want to understand why Orvel gave him a villa in Tokyo, and it seemed to be very close to the Ito family’s residence in Tokyo.

Then, he immediately realized that Orvel should have seen some clues, so he came specifically to meet his needs.

At this moment, Charlie suddenly felt a little mixed.

He really admires Nanako and knows her feelings for him, but he is married after all, so he really shouldn’t get too close to her.

Before in Japan, the reason why he wanted to see her was mainly to heal her injuries, but he didn’t expect so many things to happen later.

After curing Nanako and sending her to Tokyo safely, Charlie had already let go of it.

But now Orvel suddenly gave away a villa in Tokyo, and immediately deepened the image of Nanako in Charlie’s mind.

At this time, Elaine clapped her hands happily: “Oh, I have long wanted to go to Japan to see cherry blossoms, do shopping, etc. If I have my own villa in Tokyo, wouldn’t I be able to go there often?”

Orvel said hurriedly: “Ms. Elaine, you can go there at any time. I also arranged for a few servants in Tokyo to be on standby around the clock to ensure that no matter what time you go there, it is in the best condition and there are people dedicated to you. Do their best to take care of you!”

“Oh, that’s really great!” Elaine said excitedly: “I, I wanted to travel abroad for a long time, but it’s a pity that I have been unhappy in the early years, and there is no chance. Now My son-in-law has a good life, and I will have to go out often in the future!”

With that, she asked Mr. Song: “Oh, Mr. Song, can the yacht you gave go all the way to Japan?”