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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1970 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1970 Start

Hearing this, Jacob stood up suddenly and tremblingly asked: “What? Dragon-like elephant ear bottle?!”

Orvel nodded: “Yes, Mr. Willson, it is indeed a pair of blue and white dragon-shaped elephant ear bottles!”

“Oh my God!”

Jacob has always been fond of antique writing and playing. Although he is always fooled when buying things, he still knows the antique industry very well.

Dollar blue and white porcelain can be said to be one of the most expensive porcelain.

Any blue and white plate in the Dynasty can sell for millions.

If it is a large piece of blue and white, such as the well-known Guiguzi Xiashan blue and white can, the auction price more than ten years ago had exceeded 100 million, and now if it is brought out again, it will be at least 500 million.

Jacob once heard of a blue and white dragon-shaped elephant ear bottle in Dynasty.

Many appreciation manuals published by Christie’s and Sotheby’s record similar blue and white porcelain.

It is conservatively estimated that it must be at a price of 30-50 million!

At this time, Zhovia took the initiative to open an exquisite mahogany gift box. The inner lining of the box was made of golden silk and satin.

And two beautiful blue and white porcelain vases are lying in the lining made of silk and satin.

Jacob’s eyes are almost gone!

This is an antique unmatched!

The ultimate collection for antique lovers!

There is an antique priceless!

At this time, Jacob couldn’t wait to step forward to pick up one of the bottles and play with it carefully.

However, he felt a little hairy when he thought of throwing a Wang Dynasty jade pot spring bottle.

You know, the price of this antique bottle is several times that of the Yuhuchun bottle!

Charlie saw that the Old Master liked the bottle very much, so he smiled and said to Tianqi: “Mr. Shi, thank you for your gift. My father-in-law loves antiques the most in his life. I let him appreciate it up close.”

Tianqi hurriedly said, “Master, please!”

Charlie walked up to Zhovia, took out one of the elephant ear bottles, and then handed it to Jacob. He smiled and said, “Dad, don’t you like antiques? I will borrow flowers to present these bottles to you and give them to you.”

When Jacob heard this, his whole body trembled with excitement, and his heart had already reached the utmost excitement, but he was flattered on the face and said, “How can I accept it, this is too expensive?”

Elaine was also a little jealous.

Although she doesn’t know how much the blue and white elephant ear bottles are worth, she knows that the blue and white elephant ear bottles are not cheap, and it is estimated that this pair of bottles is worth tens of millions.

So, she thought sourly in her heart: “Charlie gave me hundreds of thousands of cosmetics and hundreds of thousands of bags, and Jacob, an old thing, turned out to be worth tens of millions of blue and white. Why is this old thing so privileged?”

When she was jealous, Charlie smiled at Jacob and said, “This is the intention of the genius doctor. As long as you keep it well and treat it as a collection in your home, don’t sell it!”

Jacob immediately patted his chest and said, “Good son-in-law, don’t worry, even if I sell myself, I will never sell this pair of bottles!”

After that, he carefully took the blue and white elephant ear bottle from Charlie’s hands with both hands, and looked at the perfect hair color and enamel on it, tears filled his eyes with excitement.

Elaine also breathed a sigh of relief at this time, thinking: “I’m an old thing like Jacob, he can really get such a pair of treasures from Charlie! It turns out that he can only store it but not sell it! That’s meaningless.”