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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1968 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1968 Start

The big men came to the house and didn’t say anything, but all kinds of gifts just piled up as a hill in the living room.

Her excited mouth was almost grinning behind her ears, and she couldn’t wait to rush to take apart these gifts one by one, but with so many big people here, she was really embarrassed.

As Charlie’s most heartfelt subordinate and the initiator of this collective visit, Orvel took out a piece of paper from his pocket and said loudly, “Master, I have a gift list here. It’s over here, let me read it to you.”

Before Charlie spoke, Elaine over there hurriedly said excitedly: “Oh, read it! Read it loudly!”

Orvel said hurriedly, “Ms. Elaine, don’t worry, I must say it louder!”

With that said, he cleared his throat and said loudly:

“Shangri-La’s Issac Craven, giving Master a set of Banshan Hot Spring Resort Villa, located in the Champs Elysées Hot Spring Hotel, worth 80 million!”

This sentence made Elaine stunned!

Elaine couldn’t help but exclaimed with excitement in the depths of her heart: “Mom! One-shot is a set of 80 million hot spring villa, this…this is too bright! I really want to go to the Champs tonight. Experience the beautiful hot spring villa!”

However, immediately afterwards, she looked at her right leg, and muttered in her heart: “I still have a cast on my leg, so I’m afraid I won’t be able to soak in the hot spring for a while? But it doesn’t matter, anyway, Champs Elysees Hot Springs. I won’t run, and it’s never too late to go when my legs are better!”

Champs Elysées Hotel is an industry owned by Shangri-La.

Elsa also specially invited Charlie and Claire to go there.

It is the best hot spring hotel in Aurous Hill and even the province.

The Champs Elysées covers a large area. The entire foot of the mountain up to the mountainside in their industry. In addition to the hot spring hotel, there are several hot spring villas that are not for sale.

These hot spring villas are all built in the middle of the mountain. The villas have excellent scenery, exquisite architecture, and luxurious decoration. More importantly, these villas have natural hot spring springs, and there are hot springs throughout the year.

The only fly in the ointment is the remote location. After all, the natural hot springs are closely related to the geography and topography. The entire Champs Elysées hot spring hotel is built in the mountains, too far from the city and the commuting time is too long, so it is suitable for vacations, but not for long-term living.

Claire and Jacob were also frightened by such a valuable gift, and they were all startled and speechless.

Issac said at this time: “Master, the hot spring villa sent to you has always been a non-sale item of the Champs Elysées Hot Spring Hotel, and never entertains guests. The hot springs there are rich in minerals and are good for people. It has a health care function. In the future, you can often go on vacation with your wife, uncle, and aunt to relax. If you don’t usually go, our professional housekeeper will take care of the villa and daily cleaning and maintenance. It is absolutely spotless!”

After all, Issac said again: “The keys to the villa, the real estate certificate, and other related documents are all in the gift box. Please I ask Master to accept it!”

Charlie nodded and smiled slightly: “Mr. Issac always has a heart!”

Charlie really didn’t think the tens of millions of hot spring villas were too valuable, especially Issac’s own assets, which was nothing to him.

Claire was a little nervous and said in Charlie’s ear: “Husband, how can we accept such an expensive gift…”

Charlie waved his hand and faintly said: “My wife, don’t worry about this. I accept their gift, and naturally I will repay them in other ways.”

Orvel looked at Charlie at this time and asked respectfully: “Master, then I continue to read?”

Charlie nodded: “Go on.”