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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1960 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1960 Start

“It seems that in the future, I will stay away from him as much as possible! Try not to let him have the opportunity to return to the Wade family!”


At this moment.

Eastcliff, Su’s family.

Zhiyu sat in front of the computer in the study, looking at the information gathered from all over the country.

Since returning from Japan, whether Zhiyu opened her eyes or closed her eyes, Charlie was all in her mind.

She has trouble sleeping and eating all day because of Charlie.

However, she didn’t tell anyone else what she was thinking, even her brother or her mother.

What she originally wanted was to use her energy to find the mysterious person who saved her, and then thank him in person.

However, she tried for several days without finding any valuable clues.

Immediately afterward, in order to quickly replenish the missing strength of the Su family, Grandpa Chengfeng decided to search for a new group of masters at all costs.

Zhiyu immediately recommended the mysterious person to her grandfather. In her words at the time, if the Su family could find this mysterious person, this person would definitely be able to use one man against one hundred enemies, which would increase the Su family’s strike power geometrically!

Chengfeng was naturally overjoyed and immediately instructed Zhiyu to find the mysterious man at all costs.

However, there is no way to find out the information of that mysterious person.

The Su family’s informants have inquired from various sources in China and Japan, and no one has ever heard of such a powerful expert.

There is a huge roster among the martial arts masters.

Basically, there are top masters who have learned from, have a background, and are well-known.

However, Charlie is not a person in martial arts, so he is not known to them at all.

In this way, it will be more difficult for the martial artist to figure out his relevant information.

What’s more, there are almost none in the martial arts masters at this stage that fit the kind of strength Zhiyu described.

Domestic martial arts masters are not weaker than Japanese ninjas, and some people are even stronger than ninjas, but there is really no one who can face just a few ninjas and can completely wipe out the enemy himself unharmed.

Zhiyu’s bitter search has no results, so she wants to find all the entry and exit records of the most recent period from the Japanese customs, and then make a selection based on nationality and approximate age group.

However, since the Su family committed the killing of the door in Japan, the Japanese Homeland Security Department has imposed a lot of stricter customs control over it.

In the past, the Su family could easily obtain the entry and exit records of the whole of Japan, but now, they can’t get the least information even after racking their brains.

Zhiyu also wondered whether the mysterious master was of Chinese descent who settled in Japan. In that case, he might not be found in the immigration information.

However, Zhiyu was unwilling to stand still, so she decided to start with better-operated domestic ones.

While searching for clues about mysterious people in China, she is also doing everything possible to break through the layers of supervision in Japan, and strive to obtain Japan’s entry and exit records and even immigration records as soon as possible.

However, Japan’s data blockade is a bit strict, and it will be difficult to break through for a while.

When she was at a loss, a female friend who had a close relationship in Japan called her and said to her: “Zhiyu, I can’t get the entry and exit information and immigration records from Japan for the time being, but I found you a curvilinear way. Whether this method is feasible depends on whether you have patience!”

Zhiyu blurted out, “You can tell me what the answer is, I have patience! Even if it is a needle in a haystack, I will find him!”

The other party smiled and said, “That’s right. Although Japan’s homeland security department has blocked customs records, it has not blocked the video surveillance of the airport. In addition to uploading it to the customs, I have also kept a copy of all the video surveillance of the airport. There is a way to get you a copy. If you have the patience to look for it bit by bit from countless surveillance videos in several airports, you may be able to find the clues of your lifesaver!”