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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 196 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 196 Start

Claire said, “plan? I’ll find a job first.

Seeing this, Charlie didn’t speak, but walked to the balcony and called Solmon.

As soon as he spoke, Charlie asked him: “Your nephew Gerald, is there a marriage contract with Wendy?”

“Yes.” Solmon hurriedly asked, “Mr. Wade have any instructions?”

Charlie said coldly: “I have broken up with the Willson family. If your White family is still intermarried with the Willson family, it will not give me a good impression. If there are any contradictions then, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

When Solmon heard this, he suddenly became nervous and blurted out: “Mr. Wade, don’t get me wrong. Our White family has long wanted to regret the marriage. If it weren’t for Mr. Wade as the son-in-law of the Willson family, how could we marry a woman like Wendy? Don’t worry, I will arrange someone to go there and notify the Willson family to dissolve the engagement!

Charlie nodded and said with satisfaction: “It’s up to you.”

Solmon hurriedly said: “Mr. Wade, don’t worry, I will look forward to everything in the future of my White family!”

“Yeah.” Charlie said lightly: “Okay, do it now.”

“OK Mr. Wade!”

Didn’t the Willson family want to go to the White family? In this case, let their wishful thinking come to nothing!

Subsequently, Charlie called Doris of the Emgrand Group.

The Willson family is now a street dog, and they have to fight harder.

As soon as the call was connected, Charlie said coldly: “Doris, now announce to the public that Emgrand Group has suspended all cooperation with Willson Group! And will always exclude them from the scope of cooperation!”

Doris asked in surprise: “Mr. Wade, this is the company of the young grandma’s family, did they do so much harm to Ms. Claire?”

Charlie said indifferently: “My wife has broken with them, and they will have nothing to do with me and my wife in the future!”

Only then did Doris understood, and immediately blurted out: “Don’t worry, Mr. Wade, I know! I’ll make a statement!”

In this way, the Willson family is completely finished!

Isn’t little Lady Willson arrogant? Then she will be left with nothing!

After hanging up the phone, Charlie went back to the living room and looked at Jacob. He saw that Jacob’s eye sockets were swollen, and the bruise on his forehead was getting worse and worse. I’m afraid it won’t be eliminated in one and a half months.

And he could see that Jacob not only suffered trauma, but also some impacts on his brain. There was slight congestion in his skull. It is best to go to the hospital for craniotomy to remove blood clots.

Otherwise, over time, this intracranial hematoma will be a “time bomb”, and maybe one day it will suddenly erupt, and may lead to death.

However, Charlie was afraid that Claire would panic, and temporarily concealed this matter.

He stood up and said, “I’ll go out and buy some medicinal materials to treat dad.”

Many medical techniques are recorded in the Nine Profound Heaven Scriptures. There is a prescription that can relieve depression and activate blood circulation, which can cure the situation of the father-in-law.

Claire asked curiously: “What kind of medicinal materials can be bought, will it work? Or should we go to the hospital?”

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “No need to go to the hospital. Doctors will deliberately scare and make things serious. Dad would be anxious after hearing this. I have a prescription that is very effective for bruises.”

Claire nodded then.

When Charlie opened the door of the room, an acquaintance happened to come outside the door.

It turned out to be Qin Gang.

He frowned, looked at Qin Gang and asked, “Why are you here?”