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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1958 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1958 Start

What Charlie did today, in Zhongquan’s view, was indeed a bit too much.

Even if Cynthia went to his mother-in-law without authorization, she had the fault first, as Cynthia’s nephew, he shouldn’t do this to his aunt.

He even forced his aunt to live in Aurous Hill’s dilapidated Village for a long time.

It can be seen that the Wade Family wants to tame Charlie, let Charlie re-identify his ancestors and return to the clan, and use it for the Wade Family. It is definitely not as easy as imagined.

Therefore, this matter must not be rushed, otherwise, it may be counterproductive.

After Zhongquan wanted to understand this, he opened his mouth and said: “Cynthia, after all, this matter is your fault first, so even if Charlie is indeed a bit too much, but you don’t need to completely turn your face with Charlie. Let’s be aggrieved. We will discuss this matter in the future.”

Cynthia secretly breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly said: “I know Dad, I can’t accompany you during this time, especially during the New Year, I can’t pay you a New Year…”

Zhongquan smiled slightly: “These are all trivial things, don’t worry, dad is waiting for you to come back.”

“Okay!” Cynthia nodded to the video camera while wiping tears.

At this time, in Zhongquan’s picture, the eldest son, Andrew, stepped in and said a little anxiously: “Dad, I have a news.”

Zhongquan frowned: “What news?”

Andrew said: “I heard that the Su family is buying all kinds of masters across Asia, and the price is very high. An ordinary martial arts master will be given tens of millions. Calculated in 100 million a year, it is estimated that the cost of investing in this alone will be over 10 billion. Many top players who have retired from the arena are planning to return to the arena!”

Zhongquan asked in surprise: “Why are you making such a big move?”

Andrew said: “Maybe it is to quickly make up for the loss of combat power in Japan. I heard that dozens of masters in the Su family have been sued by the Japanese prosecutors. No one of these masters wants to escape from prison.”

Zhongquan nodded, he knew very well how important combat power is to the top family.

Take what happened to the Su family in Japan this time. If it weren’t for their own large reserves of masters, it would be impossible to send nearly a hundred martial arts masters to Japan overnight.

What’s more advantageous is that when this master arrives in Japan, he can directly destroy the Matsumoto family with the attitude of a strong dragon slashing the ground with a snake.

These masters, without guns, ammo, and bare hands, can burst out powerful combat effectiveness.

As long as you have a passport and visa, you can enter and leave any country at any time and maintain combat effectiveness at all times.

Such a person is the most important support for a large family to fight overseas.

The combat effectiveness of guns is certainly strong, but no family can transport people with guns from one country to another.

Therefore, assassins who use guns have severely limited combat effectiveness. Once they need to go overseas to perform missions without guns, they will almost lose their usefulness.

And the martial arts masters raised by top big families? Even in the country with the strictest gun control in the world, they can still guarantee combat effectiveness. This is the important point of masters.

Andrew said to Zhongquan again at this time: “I heard that Zhiyu, the eldest lady of the Su family, has been investigating a mysterious person across the country since she returned from Japan. The Su family even secretly offered a one billion price tag. To find information about this person.”

“Oh?” Zhongquan asked in amazement: “What is this person’s background? Is it the enemy of the Su family?”

“No.” Andrew said: “I heard that it seems to be Zhiyu and Zhifei’s lifesaver!”