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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1952 Free Novel

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Although she was very annoyed in her heart, but at this time, given her ten thousand courage, she did not dare to do anything with Gena.

Regnar’s subordinates said in a cold voice at this time: “We are here this time. It is Mr. Regnar’s order to empty the assets in this villa. Mr. Regnar means that in the future, except for the hard-decorated parts, as well as the bed, Except for the large pieces of furniture such as the sofa, all other household appliances, all valuable furnishings, and the good wine stored in the basement must all be emptied, leaving nothing!”

When Mrs. Willson heard this, she suddenly felt desperate.

At first, she was worried that she had no money. She could sell the household appliances in the villa, especially the wine in the warehouse in the basement, which could sell for at least one million, but she didn’t expect that such a rich person as Regnar could even do this. She was worried about this in her heart, and before she was ready to make a move, his people had already found it!

Mrs. Willson said bitterly: “You can move away from the little brothers, home appliances and so on, but please keep the wine for us. After all, we like to drink a few drinks occasionally…”

The leader sneered and said: “You’re fcking almost out of food, and still thinking about fcking drinking? With that energy, you should study how to make money and make a living!”

After finishing speaking, he immediately said to a few people around him: “Start moving! Don’t leave any valuables!”

“OK, boss!”

Several subordinates immediately agreed, and then began to search the villa for a while.

They even carried a flatbed cart specially used for moving house, put all the valuables in the cart, and pulled out all the bits.

Mrs. Willson didn’t dare to make any trouble, she could only watch them constantly move the things in the villa, not only moved all the wine out, even the TV on the wall was also taken down.

What’s more, the kitchen utensils, pots and other items in the kitchen were all taken away by them.

Mrs. Willson choked and said: “Brothers, please keep the cooking pots and pans for us…”

The man said coldly: “These are all kitchen utensils imported from Germany. One pot costs tens of thousands. Keep them for you. You will sell them all in two days!”

Mrs. Willson cried and said, “No matter what I sell, I can’t sell the pot…”

The man said disdainfully: “We don’t care about this. If you want to cook, you can find a way to buy another pot!”

After that, he checked in each room again to make sure that there were no valuables left. Then he said to his men: “You first put everything in the car!”

Several subordinates went out one after another, and the person said to Gena again: “You will live here steadily in the future. Mr. Regnar has only one requirement of you, that is, you must not go to the house of Ms. Elaine next door to find any trouble with their family. Otherwise, we will never be merciful!”

As soon as Gena heard this, she nodded quickly and said: “Don’t worry, I will never trouble Elaine! The trouble with Elaine before was all because of Mrs. Willson, an ungrateful Old Lady, so I will definitely not do it again in the future. Not anymore!”

The man was satisfied and said: “Okay, don’t you want the bedroom on the third floor? Go and take it quickly, let’s go first.”

Gena said excitedly: “Okay! I see! You go slowly!”

After the group of people left, Mrs. Willson sat on the ground and cried: “Oh my life, why is it so bitter…”

Wendy also cried out and said, “Grandma, Regnar is too much. He clearly wants to play with us…”

Horiyah said at this time: “People, Mr. Regnar, may not really want to play with us. Originally, he wanted to arrange a few helpers for our family. Unexpectedly, your grandma would offend them to death when she came up. Now there are no other helpers. Now, there are three more enemies…”

Mrs. Willson asked furiously: “Horiyah, you sl*t who doesn’t obey women’s way, dare to point fingers at me!”

Horiyah had been fed up with the Old Lady’s arrogance for a long time. Seeing that the Old Lady was angry with her, she immediately became angry and cursed: “You dead Old Lady, don’t deceive too much! Do you really think you are still Mrs. Willson?! You are now very poor and utterly impoverished, and you’re fcking here with me, what the hll I owe to the Willson family?!”