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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1951 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1951 Start

Mrs. Willson was dizzy as slapped by Gena.

She really did not expect that she had said so many insults to Gena before that Gena did not do anything to her.

Unexpectedly, when sshe showed her weakness she accidentally touched her inverse scale.

Although Gena has no culture, she is indeed a filial daughter.

At first, her mother was forced to commit suicide by taking medicine. After hearing the news, she rushed back from her husband’s house.

At that time, her mother was very sick and hopeless.

In the hospital, Gena’s mother told her very weakly that she wanted to go home, saying that she was uncomfortable in the hospital.

Gena knew that she knew that she was going to die. When she was dying, all she wanted to do was to save some money for her family, and didn’t want to stay in the hospital for fearless treatment.

She wanted to take her mother back to her in-law’s house, be good for a few days, and let her walk through the last part of life.

But her mother-in-law strongly opposed it, especially her mother-in-law, who yelled at her on the phone, saying that if she dared to pick her mother back, she would not even enter the house herself.

The younger brother who is afraid of his wife is unwilling to let her mother go back because it is unlucky for her to die in her own home.

In the end, Gena could only take her mother back to her old house that had been abandoned for many years.

In the old house, Gena tried her best to wipe her mother’s body with warm water, put on clean clothes, and made her a bowl of noodles with eggs.

After the mother ate the bowl of noodles, she held her hand and said to her contentedly, “Good girl, mom will sleep for a while”, and then she never woke up.

That day, Gena cried all the tears.

After her mother entered the soil, Gena beat her younger sister-in-law and was sent to the detention center.

It was also because of her filial piety that when she heard that Elaine was very unfilial to Mrs. Willson, she felt sympathy for Mrs. Willson and hated Elaine at the same time.

Generally speaking, this is a vulgar, sloppy, and uneducated peasant woman who has always respected her deceased mother and awe of human nature.

Although her temper is aggressive, she is not a bad person.

She could tolerate the insults Mrs. Willson had put on her, but she couldn’t tolerate even a slight offense to her mother.

Mrs. Willson only said that by dying in a better room, she can guarantee a good fate in her next life. It reminded her of her mother who had died in a dilapidated building.

She always felt that her mother was loyal and kind-hearted, though poor and down for her life.

However, her fate is so awkward, she has never enjoyed a blessing in her life, and finally was driven to ruin by her daughter-in-law.

She also felt that such a mother, even if she died in the worst room in the world, God has eyes, she would have a good fate and enjoy a lifetime of happiness in her next life.

And what Mrs. Willson said just now, inadvertently, not only denied her consistent firm belief in her heart, but also blasphemed her mother’s holy and great image in her mind.

Therefore, she couldn’t bear it and slapped Mrs. Willson.

At this time, Mrs. Willson, covering her face, looked at Gena resentfully.