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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1949 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1949 Start

Mrs. Willson was confused all at once.

Regnar arranged for Gena and the others? !

What does Regnar mean? !

Did he say that these three helpers arranged for her? !

Just before the Old Lady came back to her senses, Gena heard the brawny man’s words and blurted out excitedly: “Big brother, what you said is true?! Can we really live here?”

The man nodded, “Of course! Hasn’t the driver entered your fingerprints before? You will treat this as your home from now on!”

Mrs. Willson shouted desperately: “Brother! Excuse me, tell Mr. Regnar that we don’t want such a helper! These three people are all peasant women and don’t know a few big characters. What can they do for us? We can’t change to three professional nurses, preferably the one who can wash clothes and cook!”

The man yelled coldly: “Old Lady, I found that although you are old and ugly, but you think well and beautifully! Still bargaining with us? Don’t look at what you count?”

Mrs. Willson was blushing when she was scolded, and she stammered and said: “Then we don’t need help, can’t we? Let the three of them go. Let’s do everything by ourselves. This is alright?”

“That’s not okay! As I said just now, these three people are the same as your family. They will all be residents of this house from now on. They will sit on the same level as you. You have no right to let them go!”

Gena just heard this, looked at Mrs. Willson, sneered and said: “Oh, Mrs. Willson, I think you are really a phoenix! Not long after you came out, you can turn over so quickly, I didn’t expect this big villa is not yours at all. Yeah! What are you pretending here with me? I really thought this was your villa! I didn’t expect you to be the same as the three of us, just renting it out!”

“Yes!” Tabia said contemptuously: “The clamor was so powerful just now, it seems to be really awesome, I didn’t expect it was all pretended!”

Lexi also echoed: “I still think you are really a phoenix. You live in such a good phoenix den. Only now I know that you are a pheasant who borrowed and lived in the phoenix den!”

Mrs. Willson’s expression was very ugly.

This villa is indeed not hers.

It belongs to Regnar.

Regnar allowed them to live in the family so they could live.

If Regnar doesn’t let them live anymore, they will have to get out.

In other words, if Regnar wants Gena and the three of them to live in, then she has no right to obstruct.

Gena exhaled suddenly!

She excitedly said to the two of them: “From now on, we are also residents of this big villa! Some old pheasants pretending to be phoenixes no longer have the right to drive us out!”

“Yes!” The other two were also very excited.

After clarifying the relationship of interest, they were in a good mood.

After all, this not only extinguished the arrogant arrogance of the Old Lady, but also allowed the three of them to live in this large villa reasonably and legally.

At this moment, Gena suddenly remembered something and asked the brawny headed man: “Brother, I want to ask you something!”

The man said: “You say!”