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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1946 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1946 Start

The driver waved his hand: “Then we will be helpless.”

Wendy said angrily, “You are paramedics, shouldn’t it be right for you to help the wounded?”

The driver looked at her and said seriously: “Little girl, I want to make it clear to you that we are not doctors, and ours is not a 120 ambulance in a public hospital, but a transfer ambulance operated by a private company, just like a taxi. We drive to make money by driving, and we will work when we are given the money, understand?”

Wendy was speechless.

The man said disdainfully: “Who, who can live in such a good villa, can’t afford four hundreds!”

After speaking, the two got into the car directly and started the car to leave.

Wendy stomped her feet angrily, the Old Lady sighed helplessly, and said to her and Horiyah: “My old bones can’t help. First carry Noah into the house, and then come out to carry Harold. Right.”

Wendy and Horiyah also knew that there was no other way. They could only grit their teeth and used the strength of suckling to put Noah up carefully.

Noah’s body erupted with pain, and said in pain, “You move a little bit slow, it hurts too much…”

Mrs. Willson shook her head and sighed, “Dear son, there is really no other way now, so just bear it!”

After that, she said to Wendy and Horiyah: “You two help Noah, I’ll open the door first!”

Wendy and Horiyah struggled with Noah and moved to the doorstep by step. Mrs. Willson was about to swipe her fingerprints to open the door. Suddenly heard the movement of the TV inside, she asked Wendy in surprise: “Wendy, did you turn off the TV when you left?”

Wendy shook her head: “I was too rushed when I left, I forgot too.”

“Okay.” Mrs. Willson didn’t think much, she opened the door directly.

As soon as the door opened, she saw three people lying on the sofa in the living room inside!

She was so scared that she yelled: “You…who are you?!”

When the three heard the movement, they suddenly turned their heads and found that Mrs. Willson and Wendy were coming, and they recognized these two former inmates at a glance.

Gena was so excited that she rushed over and said excitedly: “Old Lady! You are back! We have been waiting for you for a long time!”

Mrs. Willson saw the three people running over barefoot, and she was shocked to speak.

She naturally recognized Gena and the others, but she couldn’t figure out why these three people came out? And why is it in her own home? !

So, she asked in surprise: “Gena, you guys… why are you here!”

Gena said excitedly: “Old Lady! Are you still pretending to be confused here! Didn’t you give us a bail pending trial and save us?”

“Me?!” Mrs. Willson said with a dazed expression: “This…Is there a misunderstanding?”

“Is there any misunderstanding!” Gena hurriedly said, “Old Lady, I know, you are grateful that we helped you a lot in the detention center and took care of you a lot, so you wanted to repay your favor and let us come and live with you!”

Tabia on the side also echoed: “Yes, Mrs. Willson, you are so nice! You also sent a big run to pick us up. For the first time in my life, I have been on a big run!”

Gena said with a bit of emotion: “Old Lady, let me just say something from my heart. The three of us are very grateful to you! So we all think about it. In the future, the three of us will live here and not leave. Let’s take care of you as our own mother, and give you the end of your retirement life!”

Mrs. Willson suddenly felt deep despair in her heart, and she blurted out anxiously: “Gena, listen to me, there must be some misunderstanding in this, it really wasn’t me who saved you! Besides, I really didn’t want you to come here to live with me!”